All About Facial Hair – Part 1

Facial hair varies with people. They are mostly dependent on genetics. So, do away with these myths about facial hair.

All About Facial Hair – Part 1

Where does facial hair come to be evident? 

Above your lip and on your chin are you starting to get a little fuzz? 

Along your jawline, maybe a faint beard is forming. To your questions about hair on your face, we have got answers. 

On their face, why do boys have hair but girls don't?

That isn’t true first of all. On their face, girls do have hair that grows.

Until later in life, it’s very faint and usually not noticeable. 

Facial hair grows thick and darkens because of the effect of testosterone on teenage boys. It comes to be the male sex hormone. 

Their testicles begin producing more testosterone when boys enter puberty. Responsible for many of the changes brought about by this hormone is this. One of the changes brought about by this hormone is getting a beard. 

When friends my age already have a beard how come I've got almost no hair on my face?

One of the last changes of puberty is getting hair on your face. Boys start noticing hair on their face around age 15 or 16 on average. 

Varying a lot is exactly when the changes of puberty occur. Also varying is how fast the changes occur. 

Very early in their teenage years, this means some boys start growing a beard. Until they are much older, others don’t notice a beard starting. 

There is probably nothing wrong with you as if the guys you know have whiskers and in case you barely have any fuzz on your cheek. Soon enough your beard will start growing.  

Coming with the same amount of facial hair are all those guys?

The answer is no. The amount of facial hair varies from one guy to the next just like all guys aren’t the same height. Largely controlled by your genes, is the amount of hair you have, how dark or light it is, and where it grows on your face. 

Here this is not the reason your beard comes to be necessarily looking like that of your dad. There are men whose beards followed a pattern like yours as what it does mean is that it is there somewhere in your family tree. 

Before you know what that pattern is, it may take a while. The pattern of their beard is set usually though by the time guys are in their late teens or early 20s. 

As soon as I notice hair growing on my face should I start shaving?

It is not necessary. Before you really feel the need to shave, it may be a couple of years. 

Based on how your facial hair makes you feel, deciding when to start shaving is. When it starts to bother you or makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance is time to consider shaving. 

How often should I shave?

On how fast your beard grows and how dark it is, this depends. Shaving once every few weeks is fine at first for some guys. Maybe once every three- or four-days other guys’ shave. 

You will feel the need to shave a little more often as you get older and your beard gets heavier. 

The more I shave the thicker my beard becomes: is it true? 

The answer is definitely not. By shaving more your beard won’t get thicker. On how often to shave and on how you want to look, you should base your decision. 

To shave should I use an electric razor or a razor blade?

It is definitely up to you. As it's easier and usually faster to use, some guys prefer an electric razor. Here the procedure includes pressing the shaver to your face and moving it around in the area you want to shave.

A razor blade will give you a closer and cleaner shave on the other hand. 

The Discussion Continues To The Next Part

There are still more questions to be answered when it comes to facial hair. As men are more often troubled with this, many misconceptions are going around because of the appearance of facial hair in boys from the age of puberty. Get rid of them and have a clear thought on the process to be implemented to have hair on the face just as other boys of their age do. 

Worry not, as there are many reasons, why they don’t have the same amount of hair on their face as others do. So now we find more on the research of facial hair. Keep your fingers crossed and we promise you more insight on this matter.

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