For That Spa Retreat, You Just Need To Turn Your Bath Into One

A warm shower brightens your mood. You can get it done at home by turning the bath to a spa retreat. Here are all tips you need to keep in mind. 

For That Spa Retreat, You Just Need To Turn Your Bath Into One

Massaging Or Multiple Showerheads

To melt away stress, switch out your old showerhead for a massaging one. You can choose between pulsing, rotating, strong, or soft streams of water. For as low as $20 or less, it is an instant home water therapy. Lowering water bills are done by replacing outdated showerheads. 

For maximum body coverage and relaxation upgrade by adding multiple showerheads. With simple budget-friendly fixes or more luxury splurges, you can tap into spa-status relaxation. 

Splurge: Steam Saunas And Showers

Coming with soothing qualities is warm, moist air. Whereas you can forget that crowded gym sauna or steam room. For privacy and convenience install one at home. Trapping billowing steam and setting you stress-free are special pre-fabricated steam shower units. 

Simple Fix: Lighting

It comes relaxing when you have low lighting. Whereas you also need to see to get ready.

Multiple lighting sources can be tried. Eliminating face shadows are sconces at the head level near your mirror. Helping you spot grime is shower lighting. Flip the switch on key spots or turn them all on. 

The other ideas: with a bulb wattage or try a dimmer to experiment. 

Simple Fix: Candles And Aromatherapy

Setting the scene for serenity is lighting candles. Proven to affect mood are the scents. By trying candles, potpourri, or air fresheners in soothing scents it helps make yours mellow. 

Try lavender, bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang, jasmine, juniper berry, or geranium for relaxation. 

Splurge: Heated Floors

It can be a shock when you step out onto the cold tile floor after a nice shower or soak. So here try heated floors.

Lying underneath the tile is thin electric wiring or tubing for hot water.

Keeping your toes toasty is adjustable heat radiation upwards.  

About installation: 

Keeping cords neatly in place are pre-assembled warming mats. Install flooring and thermostat by just rolling out. 

Splurge: Air-Jetted Whirlpool Tubs

Here you can release tension, then relax sore muscles, thereby soothing stiff, achy joints with a soak in one of these. 

Making tiny air bubbles that therefore massage more gently than water jets are air jets. Being lower in maintenance can be air whirlpools.

Where bubble bath, oils, and salts are no-nos, water jet pipes need flushing to clean. 

Coming in standard tub size and bigger are the tubs. There are those luxurious ones that come with seating, armrests, or room for company.

Let your mini-vacation begin by sliding in. 

Splurge: TVs And Stereo Systems

Here you can choose your own music. To watch your favourite TV show for the ultimate in pampering you can kick back in the tub. 

Making it possible is thin, state-of-the-art TVs and waterproof speakers. Just carry your boom box to your bathroom or go deluxe with a full system. Being a big stress reliever is singing along. 

Simple Fix: Fog-Free Mirrors

In a snap, you can go from a hot shower to applying makeup or shaving. 

To repel steam, some mirrors have an anti-fog coating. While others come heated, you can still avoid wiping and rewiping, or else hitting them with the blow dryer to de-fog. 

Simple to Splurge: Towel Warmers

Warming towels to ward off chill are these special racks. To keep mould and musty smells away, they also help dry them. 

It comes as a necessity that most towel warmers should be installed by an electrician. Just plugging in and costing less than $200 are portable versions. When you are ready to relax, timers make sure towels are heated. 

Simple Fix: Upgraded Sinks And Fixtures

Upgrading a bathroom with spa-style are small touches. You can try out faucets with flourishes for a French feel, or else faux bamboo handles that helps transport you to an exotic paradise. The old-warm charm of bronze can be tried out. Also, in sleek stainless steel, you can go modern. 

As marble makes a luxury statement, pedestal sinks can be pretty. The selections come endless and you can browse online for inspiration. 

What To Expect When It Comes To A Warm Shower? 

A warm shower is always necessary to keep your health intact. As it gives you more of the warmth the cool climate can be countered with a spa-styled shower. The showerheads need not be therefore counted as a useless addition as they often offer the various kinds of warmth required by most of the people. As different parts of the body require different warmth you can adjust the shower according to the need of the hour. So why wait for the right moment, jump in and take a shower right away to freshen up your day. 

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