In This Article, You See How Your Life Affects Your Skin- Part 2

See how your skin looks with these tips. They are sure to feel good if you take care of these tips. Always go for these tips to keep your skin healthy and supple.

In This Article, You See How Your Life Affects Your Skin- Part 2

How To Care For Aging Skin

Your skin changes as you age. It is observed that the body doesn’t produce much of the collagen, as the elastin that allows the skin to spring back into place gets weaker. Here it is found that you don’t create or lose skin cells fast. Thereby to boost aging skin, you can exfoliate to remove dead skin and also use a non-drying soap along with moisturising often. Ask your doctor about a prescription version and also use over-the-counter retinoids to reduce fine wrinkles. Stay out of the sun most of all. 

Should You Drink Coffee Or Wear It?

It may cause your skin to dry out as caffeine in coffee and tea is dehydrating. Caffeine may help reverse sun damage and lower the risk of some skin cancers in mice at least according to a study when applied topically to the skin. Research is on to determine if topical caffeine thereby protects human skin too. 

Cut Yourself Off

Bad for your skin as well as your body is too much alcohol. It causes the body to lose water as alcohol is a diuretic. They contribute to dry skin. In effect, it also dilates blood vessels. This is the reason behind drinkers often have red, flushed, faces. These blood vessels can become permanently damaged so that skin stays red over time. Triggering rosacea flare-ups is alcohol especially red wine. 

Quit, Already!

Smoking is bad for your skin simply put. In causing premature wrinkles and dry skin, it's second only to the sun. Under a microscope, you can see wrinkles in smokers as young as 20 in fact. Contributing to the breakdown of collagen, smoking reduces blood flow to the skin. More wrinkling is the result of less collagen. Encouraging wrinkles are pursing your lips repeatedly. The damage can’t be reversed whereas you can stop it by quitting smoking. 

Wash The Day Away

Your skin comes in contact with pollution from cigarette smoke, car exhaust, or smoggy air every day. By keeping it clean you can keep the skin healthy. In this case, you can cleanse your face thereby with a gentle soap or wash or exfoliate nightly along with gentle scrubs and toners to remove dead skin cells and then apply a retinoid cream and moisturiser depending on the needs of your skin. Look for oil-free products as oily skin still needs moisturiser.

Inside And Out In Winter

Bringing on dry, flaky skin, and making eczema and rosacea worse in cold weather and wind. Dry heat indoors is also harsh on the skin as it’s not just the weather outside. Using a humidifier at home, drinking lots of water, and applying moisturiser throughout the day fight back. When you go out, remember the sunscreen. 

Skin Care In Summer

In search of a tan? To get one use a bronzer or sunless self-tanner. As they don’t offer any protection from the sun, whereas most don’t contain sunscreen. On all exposed skin remember to use a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen and try reapplying every two hours or more frequently in case you are sweating or have been in the water. Switch to an oil-free moisturiser to avoid breakouts in humid weather unless you have persistently dry skin. After being in the pool to get rid of any chlorine on your skin, it’s a good idea to rinse off. 

Tips For Skin Care In The Air

For skin to start feeling dry and tight, thanks to low humidity in the recirculated air, it doesn’t take long on a plane. It helps in case you have a travel plan for the skin including drinking water and not coffee or alcohol as well as moisturising before, during, and after your flight. If you can help it don’t wear makeup on the flight. In your carry-on bag, keep a travel-size bottle of lotion. 

Get Ready For Your Close-Up

The fact is that Hollywood lives by it: changing the way you look is by changing the lighting. As incandescent lighting softens colours and imperfections, fluorescent lighting can make skin tone appear more red or yellow. To view your skin and makeup under different conditions, use mirrors with varied lighting. As lighting changes, in this way you don’t look overdone or sallow. When lighting is lower, go more dramatic at night. 

The Conclusion 

With these tips, we sign off here. We promise you will find this article interesting as it throws light on many minute matters we often fail to notice that influences the way we look and treat the skin. 

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