What Comes To Be The Advancements In Hair Transplant Procedures? – Part 2

In the second part, we look at the details of the treatments. What are the effective ones? Here is an all-inclusive list of all the successful treatment procedures.

What Comes To Be The Advancements In Hair Transplant Procedures? – Part 2

Rapid Harvest And Early Implantation:

The follicular grafts are pulled from underlying scalp tissues with a punch like a device in standard FUE technique. Including follicular graft and adequate surrounding tissues are then pulled grafts. To remove the excess tissue and the tissues below the follicle, it is left untouched as the tissues on either side are cut. After preparing the recipient site, this follicular unit after sometime is implanted at the recipient site. Negatively influencing the permanency of outcomes, the technique of pulling of follicles and more out of body could damage the follicle. 

The recipient site is prepared before the harvesting of grafts and then the immediate implantation is done keeping short out of body time in the rapid harvest and early implantation time. Reducing to half an hour is the transfer time. 

After strip harvesting, the individual graft is dissected and the grafts are not pulled which negates the graft damage, FUT technique has an advantage over both of the above-mentioned techniques. Increasing their survival despite higher out-of-body time, including the surrounding tissues are adequately providing the appropriate environment and support to the follicle. Which is very high, the graft survival rate outside the scalp when performed by FUT technique is approximately 8-9 hours. 

No Root Touch Technique:

Wherein the implantation is performed without touching the roots when the follicles or roots are handled while implantation it could damage the grafts as a newer technique is developed. Using a device termed keep implanters this procedure is successfully performed. 


Up to 98%+ higher regrowth rate 
Thicker growth achievement 
To the grafts least handling damage. 

Advanced Hair Transplant Technique: 

Combination Technique Of FUT And FUE: 

In extensive bald cases, this technique is highly beneficial. Delivering pleasant coverage for hundreds of patients are expert surgeons specialised in this technique. This is not possible with either method alone, this technique offers the provision of harvesting more than 4000 grafts. With this technique thus maximum coverage in a single session is possible. This technique offers the provision of preservation of grafts for future sittings, despite harvesting a huge number of follicular grafts. 

Combination Technique Of FUT+FUE+BHT (Beard Hair Transplant):

Along with FUT and FUE in combination technique, the experts have introduced a newer approach of adding extraction or harvesting of beard hairs. Successfully adding on to the higher coverage of the bald area is the latest approach. 

Now experts successfully perform the extraction of beard hairs from the shadow area present below the chin using a 0.75 mm punch that negates the scarring chances whereas earlier extraction of beard hairs had limitation of scarring. 

Making the procedure even more worthy, the hair transplant world is running at a faster pace in terms of development. If you are a hair loss sufferer and looking for a solution then a hair transplant is surely an effective and permanent solution, so what are you waiting for? 

So Now What Do Hair Surgeons Suggest? 

It is here that surgeons now come with newer and more advanced techniques to counter the problem of hair loss. While the reasons may be hormone imbalances, genetics, or any other kind of them, it is always best to opt for the best treatments you can get at the doctor’s office. What then should you check in case of going for the best treatments in the case of severe hair loss? This is of course a relevant question as it now has the best reasons to worry about severe hair loss. 

Finally, when you have settled down on the best treatment options, there still is the possibility of danger in case surgeons are not experienced and do not know how to deal with certain conditions that may occur as a side effect. It is here we should exercise caution as there is many a doctor who may be experimenting with a new technique on your scalp. Avoid such hair experts. They bring you more danger than anything else. 

The Conclusion 

As we wind up, we are sure there are many who would opt for a hair transplant. While there are other procedures including PRP, it is always better to choose a low-risk procedure to save yourself. Post-treatment it is always important to make sure you have the best surgeon conducting the procedure. So now you are aware of all the treatments available, choose the best one and see for yourself how well you can grow your hair back. Until next time it’s a goodbye from us and we add to your bucket list the latest and most advanced treatment techniques. Stay tuned for more from us. 

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