According To Top Stylists Here Are The Breakout Haircut Trends Of 2021 – Part 2 

As the remaining haircuts are focused here, we have more to add to them. This is why we have the best advice for you here. Get your style and rock it

According To Top Stylists Here Are The Breakout Haircut Trends Of 2021 – Part 2 

The Continuation 

As it's characterised by layers, rather than length, the shag is an anomaly of a cut. It looks amazing on virtually any hair texture and with or without bangs that being said. A classic iteration of the cut is Selena Gomez’s curly shag with bangs. 

To keep it smooth and silky Marjan recommends washing a shag cut with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Pro Collection Shampoo and Conditioner

Shaggy Layers

Opt for piecey, sultry, face-framing layers that will grow out with ease for a more low-key version of the shag. For example, take Priyanka Chopra’s mid-length centre-parted shag. Bridget Brager, Herbal Essences brand ambassador, and celebrity hairstylist says, the kind of layers that are carved out from the inside of your cut and face-framing layers that are perfectly piecey and unapologetically sultry ask your stylist for fashion layers. 

To keep your scalp and ends hydrated and healthy, Brager recommends treating your hair with a weekly nourishing hair mask such as Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Vera Hair Mask. She then adds that if you take care of it, it will as you want this style to grow out beautifully and like all things. 

The Bob

Both Brager and Brice predict the bob will still be going strong into 2021 as good news for fans of the iconic cut. Brager says using a flat iron to add waves, bobs really stand out when they are stick straight and glossy like January Jones or when you style them with a flirty edge. T3’s flat iron is what she likes to use. 

Brice adds to it that it's just all about tailoring it to you and your personal style as this hair cut works well with most hair types. Here it comes that there is an opportunity to customise the perfect bob just for you in case it's shoulder-length, chin-length, or thereby somewhere in between those blunt, choppy, textured, or maybe a little elevated. She recommends prepping hair with a heat protectant like amika's The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray if you are using hot tools to style your bob. 

Curtain Bangs

You will continue to see more of it in the new year as curtain bangs are another 2020 hair trend. When it comes to being the look Brice then says, they come for a softer and more graceful grow-out phase more than those traditional bangs meaning what you can go longer just between trims as there is not that they are super cute. 

The major selling point of curtain bangs is that they take any hairstyle to the next level from a messy bun to a sleek ponytail like Halle Berry’s updo aside from being low-maintenance as far as bangs go. To give your pony extra body, Brice suggests spritzing your hair with amika's Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray and blow-drying with a round brush. 


For here as you take a shortcut with what is a set of extensions, then growing out your hair comes as a jog, not a sprint. Brager then shares, instant extensions are a great way to get past that awkward stage of a short haircut. Who went from a bob to waist-length Rapunzel hair for Saint Laurent's virtual spring 2021 fashion show just asks Kaia Gerber. 

Brager says to ensure the quality of the hair is good on top of booking an appointment with a specialist get your extensions installed. She then adds to it that whether it is curly or straight you want it to dry naturally and seamlessly as much as possible also making sure their hair they have for you is what is close to the natural hair texture. Have fun and your hair potential is endless from there. 

Summing Up The Haircuts You Need

We wrap up the discussion here. Whereas it comes as a tip of an iceberg. What you need to understand is there are many a cut that can give you the classic style when it comes to being the best for you. Get it rocking and flaunt it in style. Your hair will look great whether it is short as a bob or long with Rapunzel length. You can go for extensions when you need length at times but need to go short otherwise. So, when you choose, get expert advice from stylists who come with years of experience in styling hair according to your face shape and texture of your hair. 

Finally, all you need is this one time where there are more styles and haircuts best suited for you. According to the occasion, you can style your long hair, but bob hair can be styled very limitedly which makes us go for extensions. Choose them according to the hair colour and texture as you don’t want them to stand out from your natural hair. Good luck with a good hair day. Hope you get the style of your dream and enjoy all the time in public. 

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