Helping You Get Rid Of Head Lice Are These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies 

Permanent solutions to remove head lice. What are the natural options to get rid of them? Here we focus on some of them.

Helping You Get Rid Of Head Lice Are These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies 

All You Need To Know About Head Lice. 

Causing severe itching head lice can be irritating. To get rid of head lice once and for all here are some home remedies. 

To deal with, head lice infestation is one of the annoying but common problems. These parasites infect the head and feed on your blood scientifically known as Pediculus humanus capitis. Where they get attached, they lay eggs at the hair shaft base. It has nothing to do with hygiene while most people associate this problem with hygiene. If you have head lice, they don’t in any way mean that you are unclean. 

Anyone can get affected, whereas head lice mostly affect children in elementary or middle school. Spreading by direct contact or thereby sharing bedding and pillows with someone who is infected is the lice. If left untreated, they may even create a rash as these tiny mites can trigger intense itching. This is why it is important to treat them immediately as it is not just disgusting to look at but embarrassing as well. To get rid of head lice effectively here are some home remedies. 


To suffocate them is one of the best ways to get rid of head lice. Which will make it easier to catch them on the comb, smothering treatments will stun the lice and make them slower. Here comes neem helping you do that. That can help to improve blood circulation and reduce itchiness neem has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

How to use: 

Apply it directly to your head making a paste of neem leaves. The next step is leaving it overnight after covering it using a shower cap. To catch the remaining lice, rinse your hair with water in the morning and use a nit comb. For effective results do this twice a week. 

Tree Tea Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of head lice while essential oils are good for your hair in general. This means it kills lice and its eggs, it contains ovicidal and insecticidal effects. 

How to use: 

Leave it overnight applying a few drops of the oil to the affected scalp. To remove all the dead nits from your hair, comb your hair the next morning. 


Did you ever know that mayonnaise is more than just a sandwich spread? It smoothers the lice and helps to comb them all out from the hair just like neem. Caused by nits it is believed that it can ease itching and scalp irritation. 

How to use: 

Covering it with a shower cap, all you have to do is rub mayonnaise directly on the affected scalp. Rinse after keeping it covered until the next morning. To comb all the lice out, don’t forget. If required, you can do it again. 


In order to eradicate head lice, the presence of acetic acid in the vinegar will help extract all the moisture. As a home remedy for this, you can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. 

How to use: 

Apply on the scalp mixing 1-part vinegar with 1-part water. Leave for about half an hour covering it. To get rid of the lice and their eggs now comb the hair. Rinse your hair with water following this.

Petroleum Jelly

Suffocating the lice and killing them all is petroleum jelly too. You may have to wash your hair repeatedly to get petroleum jelly out of your head while this is an effective remedy. 

How to use: 

Leaving it overnight apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly onto the affected scalp. To remove the jelly along with the lice, apply a bit of baby oil on the nit comb. To get rid of jelly as well as lice completely wash the hair. 

Concluding Hereby 

Head louse is a problem faced by both children and adults. Here we find them to be the cause of most of the itching and irritation of the scalp. So then why is it that there are many reasons you need to get rid of them effectively? Not only does it irritate you but also it embarrasses you in front of the public. People with head lice often feel low and go around without confidence. They mainly avoid public functions as it may then cause you something in the rage of itching to being seen all over your dress. So, the earliest you can, avoid them effectively with the above-mentioned tips. Make sure your head is free of lice with these simple steps. 

Now you know how to do away with head lice. It is important that you try these tips at the earliest as the more the delay, the more is it being affected by the lice. It may adversely affect your health as they feed on your blood and your brain needs blood circulation to breathe.

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