What Were The Trendiest Hairstyle In The Year You Were Born? - Part 2

There are many hairstyles doing rounds among women. Be stylish and funky at the same time. You are sure to enjoy this detailed writeup. 

What Were The Trendiest Hairstyle In The Year You Were Born? - Part 2

More on the trending hairstyles. 

1945: Victory Rolls

A do that would become one of the era’s most famous, voluminous style dubbed victory curls, this is what many women signalled their celebratory feelings after the war. 

1946: Loose Curls

With stars like Rita Hayworth maintaining a deep side part and full waves, a softer curled style staying popular throughout the era. 

1947: Crown Braid

Occasionally weaving in pieces of fabric or hair in contrasting colours, stars like Billie Holiday were donning crown braids and braided buns during the 40s as braided hairstyles rose to prominence. 

1948: Elegant Updos

Stylish women opted for glamorous hairstyles like thick, polished chignons sometimes accessorising them with clips or pins, as a result of an emphasis on mimicking actresses like Joan Fontaine and Lana Turner. 

1949: Brushed Out Curls

Popularising soft waves without and harsh edges or heavy products, Linda Darnell along with other famous starlets. 

1950: Chignon

Prior to her marriage to Prince Rainier lll of Monaco and subsequent retirement from acting, the ever-stylish Grace Kelly had donned elegant hairdos influencing women in the early ‘50s. 

1951: Pinup Bangs

Influencing those who desired an edgier take on traditional looks came Bettie Page and her famous bangs with outrageous personality and iconic style. 

1952: Italian Cut

Featuring sculpted locks and a rounded silhouette is what comes inspired by Italian actresses like the starlets Dorothy Dandridge rocking the chic short cut. 

1953: Short Crop

Audrey Hepburn aka America’s eternal sweetheart made the short cut more accessible to the masses and women fell in love with the modern easy-going style after chopping her hair in 1953’s Roman Holiday. 

1954: Blonde Bombshell Hair

Ushered in by no other than Marilyn Monroe, the most famous of them all was the age of the blonde bombshell. 

1955: Barrel Curls

Brining a bouncy vibe to blonde bombshell locks like Jayne Mansfield’s are the full rounded curls. 

1956: Ponytails

Pushed into popularly by none other than Brigitte Bardot, is the super simple style we all know and love. 

1957: Soft Full Curls

Marking the mid-'50s are the soft elegant styles though all that would soon change. 

1958: French Pleat

The French pleat was as perfect for career women nowadays as it was then with a chic vertical roll of hair keeping the locks out of your face. 

1959: Flipped Out

Stars like Sophia Loren popped a cute curl right at the end of the hair bringing a totally new silhouette to the era’s style. 

1960: Stacked Updo

Women opted for a messier imperfect style unlike the neatly polished updos of years prior. 

1961: Pageboy

Actress Hayley Mills as well as other stars were seen donning the round chop with smoothed- under tips as it is a little softer and more flattering than the unfortunate ‘90s bowl cut. 

1962: Bouffant

First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis popularised the voluminous style as one of the most influential figures in fashion 

1963: The Beehive

Piling hair atop their heads to reach as much height as possible are women like the Ronettes and Brigitte Bardot. 

1964: The Bob

Now with the bob making it chic again among stylish women, Vidal Sassoon reinvented it during the mid-'60s after initially popping up in the ‘20s. 

1965: Five Point Cut

Sassoon popularised the modern geometric look on women including Mary Quant taking the same bob a step further. 

1966: Long and Straight

Women flocked to copy the ever-trendsetting Cher wearing the hair long, straight, and silky as hippies influenced mainstream style. 

1967: Short and Natural

Prompting women everywhere to cut their hair short in imitation of the actress’s gorgeous look, Cicely Tyson famously went natural during her role on East Side/West Side as many black women wore wigs over their hair. 

1968: Mop Top

It was true that Beatles loved mop-top styles and then why wouldn’t women love them too? Rocking a super straight shaped cut was Julie Driscoll. 

1969: Modern Bouffant

Diahann Carroll helped propel the chic voluminous style to popularity while starring Julia that is a role making the first black actress have her own TV show. 

1970: Long and Center-Parted

Women started rocking center-parted straight style after 1970’s Love Story starring Ali MacGraw as well as Ryan O’Neal became the hit of the year. 

1971: The Shag

Women began asking their own hairdressers for this look after the hairstylist's Paul McGregor cut Jane Fonda’s hair into this funky short-and-long style for the 1971 film Klute. 

More Remains To Be Listed

Here are a few more styles described in the next post. Read on to get the idea of the best trending hairstyles over the years. 

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