What Do You Need To Know About Better Brows And Lashes?

Brows and lashes are important features of how you look. Here is how you can get enough of them. Know all that you needed on the perfect brows and eyelashes.

What Do You Need To Know About Better Brows And Lashes?

Learn How To Get Perfect Brows

Are you still there craving for movie star’s eyebrows? Depending on your own features is the perfect brow size and shape for your face. The thick end should start at the base of your nose if your brow were divided into thirds. Around the middle of your eye, the arch should be. Just past the corner of your eye, the thin end should go. 

Now Get Thicker Brows

With a powder, pencil, or gel, fill in sparse brows. If you are brunette, go two shades lighter than your hair colour and in case you have pale blonde or silver hair, go two shades darker. Taupe works on almost everyone when in doubt. Blend with a brow brush to remove extra colour and use tiny strokes over your arches. 

Then Skip The Stencils

Based on your unique bone structure is the perfect brow. Seeming like it takes the guesswork out of shaping is using a stencil to draw on your brows. Whereas you probably may not like the results. Making you look angry, surprised, older, or even lopsided is a stencilled brow that’s just a little bit off. Better off is to work with your natural brow shape. 

To Make Brows Match Your Hair

Your brows also should change if you make a dramatic hair colour change. For this, you will want to see a professional colourist. Even if you have a really steady hand, don’t dye your brows at home. Are you looking for a quick fix? To instantly go darker or lighter blend mascara or concealer into your brows. 

Once You Get The Natural Look

You don’t need whip-thin, sculpted brows to look modern as actress Camilla Belle proves. Don’t pluck a single hair for three months to get yours as lush as possible. Pluck only the most obvious strays yourself or have them shaped professionally. For better definition use a brow filler. 

To Use The Right Tweezers

Are you going for rounded or pointy? Especially if you haven’t plucked before, experts like a pointed, slanted tip. It is always easy to hold that shape and grab long hairs. Turn the tweezer at an angle and pull from the pointed edge for those short stubborn hairs. 

Thereafter Can You Pluck The Tops?

As long as you focus on the peach fuzz there as well as on your temples, it's OK. To lift the brow up most of the real shaping should happen underneath. You could get flat brows that make you look scowly in case you pluck too much off the top. 

Here’s When To Put The Tweezers Down

Resist the urge to pull it if you see a teeny little dot of hair growing under the skin. You surely don’t want to break the skin risking a scar. That little hair probably will poke through the surface ready to be plucked as you wait for a day. Cover it with concealer in the meantime if it bothers you. 

So Let A Pro Guide You

A salon specialist can find the best shape for your face if you aren’t sure about your own brow judgment. For reference snap a few photos at home. Lightly pluck new hair growth once a week to keep your new look fresh. Make another appointment four to six weeks later for the best results. 

Then Open Your Eyes

Making you look wide-eyed is curled lashes. Before you put on mascara do it. Don’t clamp down too hard whereas use firm pressure. You definitely need not pinch your skin, crease the lashes, or pull them out. Moving out from the lash roots to the tips, you may get better results from curling in stages. Getting to hard-to-reach outer ones is a corner lash curler. 

To Brush Up On Your Mascara

For making lashes look fuller or longer, your mascara maters. Also, the brush too matters. Adding length, rubber bristles coat even the tiniest lashes from root to tip. Giving you a clean natural-looking lash line is plastic bristles. Building lash thickness and boosting the fringe are fibre bristles. Try using a different brush if you like your mascara but want a new look. You can also buy them at the local beauty stores. 

Thereby Smooth Moves To Prevent Clumping

Surely you don’t need eyes looking like scary spiders. To get rid of extra mascara, dip the brush in the tube and wipe it on a paper towel. Here is another trick: through wet eyelashes twirl a clean, disposable mascara wand. Loosen the mascara with a warm damp washcloth for easy no-scrub cleanup. Against your closed eyes, press it. For sensitive eyes, next, dip a cotton pad into a makeup remover. A few times wipe the pad downward on your lashes.

Just Don't Flake Out

Do you get flecks of mascara on your cheeks by the end of the day? Here you can go for a tubing mascara. As they encase lashes, tubing formulas tend not to flake. It slides off as complete tubes when you remove the mascara with warm water. The expert tip here is with a tubing kind, set your regular mascara. 

The Fabulous Fakes

They can be tricky to master as false lashes equal pure Hollywood glamour. They are available as full strips as also individual lashes. While you put a dot of glue on your upper eyelid, hold the lash with a pair of tweezers. Use the tweezers to guide the lash to your lid after letting the glue thicken. Try a dark tone glue made for brown or black lashes if you have dark skin.

Finally, Lash Extensions: Pros And Cons

Are you short on patience or time? For two to three weeks, lash extensions can give you a long, full lush fringe. You can’t wear mascara is the catch. Probably you will have to keep them completely dry. While you shower or wash your hair, get a pair of swim goggles to wear. We are just not kidding anymore. 


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