What Are The Top Things I Learned From Trying Popular Wedding Makeup Options? – Part 2

Here are more tips that continued form the previous one. Learn all the expert tricks either on your own or from beauty artists. Nevertheless, make it the best day of your life. 

What Are The Top Things I Learned From Trying Popular Wedding Makeup Options? – Part 2

Image Credits: L’Oréal Paris 

Continued From The Previous Post

The write up continues from the previous one highlighting more experts who can help you get the looks right including DIY tips from the online media. Never say less is more as there is always one or the other way helping you to bring out the tastes and thoughts regarding the wedding day makeup. 

How About The Makeup Service App?

Service: The Glam App makeup artist Ammy Chan

Somewhat new but a super-convenient option for brides is the beauty service apps and I used the Glam App that allowed me to request the kind of look I wanted from the list of options and so the price I was looking to spend and the time slot I needed. Following this, the app set me up along with a make-up artist who met me at my office. The shimmery smoky eye she gave me was just what I loved to have to add enough drama to make a statement and probably go with bolder lip colour though as this one faded a little in the camera flash. 

My biggest takeaway: 

Making a difference are false lashes as it is the easiest way to bump the everyday look up a notch. As it might be a little intimidating but they show up in photos really making a difference. 

The Ultimate DIY Tips

Service: Makeup By Yours Truly (Me)

I wasn’t too intimidated going into it as I have written about doing the makeup for the wedding day before also. It is always an option to pay someone else to worry about doing your look whereas in the end nobody knows the face and taste better than you do. This is why I decided to do my go-to eye makeup look using darker shades and shimmery versions of the usual colours I wore to amp it up. While it is still not known if this is how I’ll do the makeup for the big day, but to know I have myself as a backup option is comforting. 

My biggest takeaway: 

It is that I can do my wedding makeup if Kate Middleton could do her own wedding makeup. While stating this isn’t a diss on Kate’s skills, but it is my way of saying if the royals don’t even need to hire someone to do the makeup, then maybe I don’t either. 

What Are The Major Takeaway?

1. It helps when you are specific with what you want bringing inspiration photos if you have the idea and don’t be afraid to speak up in case you don’t like something. Each of the makeup artists had a different interpretation of bridal makeup just because each of the final looks was so different. It is important to make sure the makeup artist is on the same page as you. 

2. Firstly, have a trial, so that you and your makeup artist can figure out ahead of time what works and what doesn’t unless you really never care how the makeup turns out, scheduling a trial for your shower or another highly photographed event. 

3. For your big day, factor in the vibe as the makeup look for that destination wedding on the beach differs from the makeup at a 500-person church wedding. The artist must come aware of the vibe ahead of time as he or she can bring the right products. 

4. There’s always an option for you no matter the budget you are working with as you want to go all-out for the wedding makeup hiring a celebrity artist by all means. There are enough resources and YouTube videos available for you to learn how to do it yourself if you rather save that money for something else. This is from my experience. 

The Conclusion 

The list ends here but the beauty regime you are waiting for to carry on the wedding day is still not ending here. There are even more ideas and tips from online media that you can put to your use. You can be assured of the makeup artist in you who can literally convert that face with fairy tale makeup looks. When you are waiting for the big day get to try out some beauty hacks yourself or with your makeup artist so that the big day makeup won’t be a flop. With different kinds of looks help yourself the best one that suits and doesn’t go overboard. This is because we are always looking for the best when it comes to being the best day of our life. 

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