What Are The Home Remedies Available For Hair Growth? – Part 1

Hair growth comes to have a lot of treatments. Hair loss has many reasons and here we explore a bit of them. They are interesting to note. 

What Are The Home Remedies Available For Hair Growth? – Part 1

Why Is It Necessary To Take Care Of Your Hair?

Hair and skin reflect the health of a person. To have thick hair you can opt for either salon procedures or home remedies. When going for home remedies always consult a doctor to know in case they cause allergic reactions. The patch test is recommended for any type of hair loss.

Medications now help them gain the result of thick hair. Hair loss can be put under control once everything comes in place. Here we take a detailed look at the causes and treatments for hair loss and the home remedies. 

All About Hair Growth 

It is found that when the person’s genetic history is included, hair growth then depends on several of the factors. Helping this is however many home remedies. 

It helps to thereafter know some of the diet tips as well as how to treat the hair which can help them achieve their goal which is whether a person is trying to prevent hair loss or then encourage more growth. 

It is best to speak to a doctor about appropriate treatments however when hair loss is due to a medical condition. 

Encouraging hair growth is the following home remedies: 

  1. Eating more protein

Helping the body grow new hair is eating high protein foods such as nuts. 

To grow new hair, the body needs protein. Due to protein deficiency, hair loss can arise. 

Included are examples of healthful dietary protein sources: 





lean meats


Based on how physically active they are and how much muscle mass they have is a person’s daily protein needs varying. 

  1. Increasing iron intake

Requiring to grow healthy hair, iron is another nutrient the body needs.

Included below are some dietary iron sources. 




pumpkin seeds


white beans

lean beef


Meaning that they have added iron to them, many manufacturers also fortify their foods with iron. 

Having iron requirements as high as 1.8 times those of people who do eat meat is people who do not eat meat. As effectively, this is because the body does not absorb nonanimal sources of iron. 

  1. Trying aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can help stimulate hair growth according to the authors of a study paper. 

Including the following are the examples of herbs that most aromatherapy practitioners now use to promote hair growth: 






Hereby you should surely mix only a few drops thereby into a carrier oil similar to coconut oil or walnut oil and then using the essential oils on the scalp. Inhaling the scent of these oils may affect hair growth as the researchers also state. 

To determine whether essential oils are an effective solution for hair growth, more research is necessary. 

Now you can then try a small test patch somewhere 24 hours before applying this mixture to the whole head as comes to some people experiencing topical allergic reactions when using essential oils. 

  1. Massaging the scalp

Which could help encourage hair growth, massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp. 

Men who massaged their scalps for almost 4 minutes per day with a scalp massage device had thicker hair after 6 months as a small Japanese study found. 

To massage the scalp in gentle circles, people can use the pads of their fingertips. Available in drug stores and online are devices to massage the scalp. 

  1. Using pumpkin seed oil

Increasing hair growth is by taking pumpkin seed oil. 

Whether pumpkin seed oil could help hair growth, were the authors of a study looking at. 

Whereas those taking a placebo only experienced a 10 percent increase as they discovered that the men were taking 400mg of pumpkin seed oil for 6 months experiencing a 40 percent increase in average hair count. 

Having a history of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness were all the men. Being between 20 and 65 years old, they were not currently taking other supplements for hair loss.  

The Discussion Doesn’t End Here

More treatments are highlighted in the next part along with probable causes. There is always the need for an expert in determining the result of the procedures or home remedies you choose. Be alert on what you need to know when trying out home remedies. Some could be allergic so take care. For more from us read all of the second parts to get the detailed report. We are sure you will find this article helpful and unless you are careless, there is no way you can be hurt with these remedies. 

For the next part get the information straight from the experts. Keep reading and you will know more.

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