What Are The Hair Problems You Face? – Part 1

Problems with hair are plenty. What should you know about them? Here are the right answers. 

What Are The Hair Problems You Face? – Part 1

All About Hair 

When it is about hair, it can be long and wavy, short and straight, frizzy and unmanageable, or thereby smooth and shiny. Coming in different lengths, styles, colours, and textures are hair. Falling prey to at least one hair problem at some point in life is just about everyone no matter what kind of hair they have. 

From hair loss to greasy hair, this article covers some of the most common hair dilemmas. 

Gray Hair

For some, it’s a reminder that they are getting older whereas for others they consider grey hair as something that makes them look distinguished. Grey or white hair is pretty much inevitable with age in case you are fortunate enough to still have hair in your later years however you feel about it. 

As they believe they have gotten to the root of the problem, scientists have put a lot of effort into investigating the cause of grey hair. That which is produced by melanocyte cells in the hair follicles, hair gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. Eventually leaving them unable to produce, researchers have discovered that melanocytes endure cumulative damage over the years. As possible causes of this disruption in melanin production are studies having cited DNA damage and a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the follicles. The new hair that grows in has no pigment which makes it appear grey, white, or silver without melanin. 

As early as their teens, some people start to go grey young. If your mother or father became grey early, you may too as when greying begins usually is determined by genes. You can easily cover your grey with one of the many different hair dyes available if you are one of those people who don’t find grey hair distinguished 

Hair Loss 

Through a regular growth cycle, normally hair goes. The hair grows during the anagen phase that lasts two to six years or longer. The hair rests during the telogen phase which lasts about three months. The hair falls out and is replaced by new hair at the end of the telogen phase. 

Losing about 100 hairs each day is the average person. Including drugs or disease, hair loss also can have other causes. 

Which eventually leaves a horseshoe-shaped ring of hair around the sides as they age, men tend to lose the hair on top of their head. Called male-pattern baldness is this type of hair loss. As it's fuelled by the male hormone, testosterone, it is a myth that it’s caused by genes from both parents, as well as the idea that men take after their mother’s father. It thins throughout the top of the scalp leaving the hair in front intact in the case of female-pattern baldness, the hair loss is different. 

Causing the hair to fall out is a number of disorders. Losing hair on their scalp as well as on other parts of their body are people who have an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata. Including the following are other health conditions that can cause excess hair loss: 

Various kinds of medications come in the form of antidepressants, retinoids, NSAIDs, blood thinners, birth control pills, as well as other hormonal treatments with high blood pressure medications, chemotherapy along radiation. 

Severe infections

Major surgery

A thyroid that is overactive or underactive 

Number of other hormonal problems

Severe stress

Lupus and other autoimmune diseases

Fungal infections of the scalp

Pregnancy and childbirth

Exposure to chemicals such as thallium, boron, and arsenic

Iron-deficiency anaemia

How To Identify The Best Treatments? 

You will need expert advice when going for any kind of treatment for hair loss. Determining the right cause and diagnosis is important when it comes to being the best among the treatments. Also, hair type and texture help determine the kind of treatment required. So then what are the reasons? While we identify here some of the causes, there are many others still to be identified. Sensitive skin calls for more attention as they can be damaged due to the harsh chemicals used in the medicines and treatments. What else can you do about the hair care treatments available handy with you? 

The Continuation Of The Article 

We come up with more tips on hair problems and how to identify them to the major treatments available to us. So, don’t wind up here but read on the following in the next post too. We are sure the discussion is quite informative. Keep reading and enjoy the right facts straight from the experts

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