What Are The Best Natural Ways To Enhance Hair Growth As Well As Thickness – Part 3

Finally, in the last part of the discussion we have to be cautious, and here are some answers from experts regarding hair loss. These tips are sure to help you grow the hair back healthy. So now you know you are not alone in the fight to balding. 

What Are The Best Natural Ways To Enhance Hair Growth As Well As Thickness – Part 3

Medical Treatment Options 

To enhance hair growth here a few medical treatment options you can consider: 


Used by both men and women in this over-the-counter medication. Daily you need to rub it into your scalp. In some people, however, it may cause an allergic reaction. 


Particularly for men, this is a medical treatment option. To men who have androgenic alopecia, this pill is administered. Such as erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, and gynecomastia it may however have some side effects. 

How Can I Prevent Hair Fall? 

Helping promote hair growth and preventing hair fall is following a strictly balanced diet with an intake of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

Thereby strengthening hair roots and preventing hair fall, massage your scalp gently regularly to stimulate blood circulation. 

The key to maintaining healthy hair is staying hydrated. Preventing flaking and itching, it nourishes the scalp. 

An increasingly common problem that women all over the world face are hair loss. Contributing to the thinning of hair is a variety of factors. 

Factors That Affect Hair Growth

The diameter of the hair and its thickness can decrease as we grow older. Like you have had a lot of hair fall over time this can make it seem. 

Prevailing ailment or illness that can lead to hair fall is another factor that can affect hair growth. Subsequently causing male-pattern baldness, hormonal changes can also lead to hair fall in some men. 

As studies show that they can have an inhibitory effect on hair growth, other factors such as stress, trauma, and anxiety may also contribute to hair loss. 

Eventually leading to balding all these factors can cause your hair to fall. Hampering the growth of healthy hair is inadequate rest, hormonal changes, and a diet deficient in nutrients. As these factors can reduce the supply of blood and oxygen to the scalp, it can also affect hair growth. 

You must be patient and follow them diligently to get the best results since these are natural remedies. Seek medical help, however, if you feel that your problem persists. 

Expert’s Answers For Readers Questions

How can I thereby regrow my thinning hair?

Many medical and natural treatment options can be explored. As mentioned above, you could try any of the remedies. 

How is it that dead hair follicles are grown again? 

To revive dead hair follicles and restore strength to damaged hair you can consume vitamin supplements like biotin and niacin. Regularly you should also massage your scalp. 

While on chemotherapy can your hair grow back?

Definitely yes, while on chemotherapy your hair can grow back whereas it comes to be of a different colour or texture. 

How does yoga help stimulate hair growth?

In dealing with hair fall, yoga can help. Downward dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana), diamond pose (Vajrasana), camel pose (Ustrasana), headstand pose (Sirsana), etc are some of the asanas you can practice. Stimulating circulation in the scalp, these asanas increase blood flow to the head. Aiding hair growth is this in turn. 

Can bleached hair grow long?

Slowing down the growth of hair products that bleach your hair can lead to hair damage. 

Is hot oil treatment good for hair growth?

Surely yes. Increasing the flow of blood to your scalp is massaging using hot oil. Repairing damaged hair is also this. 

Do split ends stop hair growth?

They can lead to increased hair breakage as split ends do not stop the growth of your hair. Making you feel like your hair is not growing in length is this. 

What Else Are The Queries Of Common People On Hair Loss And Treatments? 

As hair loss affects both men and women, many are suffering. Loss of confidence makes them hide themselves or their hair from the public.

Eventually, it results in making them introverts coiling themselves in the hidden burrows of their homes. The first thing to take into account is to make sure you get medical help. Self-help groups also help in this direction. Take care of your hair without going into depression as the first step should always come from your side. 

Whatever be the reason behind the condition, it is here that you need to be cautious. Not all treatments are suited for all. With side effects, some may also end up harming you more than helping you. So always take help from experts before going for any DIY methods to treat hair loss. As we conclude the discussion, we hope you have had an insight into the different ways you can take to help control your condition.

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