What Are The Best Natural Ways To Enhance Hair Growth As Well As Thickness – Part 1

Hair growth can be enhanced in many ways. Natural home remedies are one of them. Here is a list of those products to help clear hair loss.

What Are The Best Natural Ways To Enhance Hair Growth As Well As Thickness – Part 1

Treating Hair Loss 

Common issues today are hair fall and thinning of hair. Deteriorating hair quality and leading to hair fall are modern lifestyle, exposure to pollution, and the use of chemical products. That which can reduce the damage to your hair and lessen hair fall, in this article we have listed some of the natural remedies. 

Increase Hair Growth And Thickness With These Natural Ways 

Coconut Oil

With the ability to reduce the loss of protein from damaged hair comes coconut oil. Reducing hair loss, coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft.

Helping reverse the effect of harsh chemical products is this property of coconut oil. 

What You Can Do: 

To massage it into your scalp, take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your palm. Using a mild cleanser or shampoo wash it off thoroughly after leaving it on for about an hour. When you do this at least twice a week the results are good. 


As it comes to be with a proliferative effect on those dermal papilla cells of the hair follicles it is amla or gooseberry. By extending the anagen phase or the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle thus gooseberries might promote hair growth. 

What You Can Do:

Massage it into your scalp taking some amla oil in your palms. Rinse it off thoroughly after you leave it on your scalp for an hour or more. Twice a week you can do this. 


Facilitating robust hair growth and preventing hair damage, yogurt is a rich source of probiotics. Yielding more luxuriant fur, a study done on mice found that it increases the number of subcuticular follicles. In humans, therefore, it may also help boost hair growth. 

What You Can Do: 

Once-daily have a serving of yogurt. 


Promoting the growth of healthy hair, fenugreek contains bioactive compounds. Fenugreek could significantly reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth as found in a rat study. If you are allergic to legumes such as peanuts, green peas, or soybeans do not follow this home remedy. As they all belong to the Fabaceae family, you may be allergic to fenugreek seeds as well. 

What You Can Do:

Overnight soak a quarter cup of fenugreek seeds in water. Apply it as a hair mask after grinding the seeds into a paste. Before rinsing it off with plain water leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Once a week you can follow this routine. 

Onion Juice

It may be an efficient treatment for patchy alopecia areata as researchers have discovered that the phytochemical compounds in onion juice help induce hair regrowth. 

What You Can Do: 

Firstly, extract the juice of an onion half. Apply it to your scalp after straining it. For an hour leave it on. With a shampoo wash it off thoroughly. Twice a week follow this routine. 

Chinese Hibiscus

Found to be promoting the growth of hair in rats are extracts of hibiscus leaves and flowers. In humans thus they may have the potential to reverse the effects of excessive hair fall. 

What You Can Do:

To make a paste, grind a couple of hibiscus flowers and a handful of leaves. With coconut oil mix it. Leave it on for an hour after applying this hair mask. With shampoo wash it off. Once a week do this

What Are Those Remedies In The Coming Parts Of The Discussion? 

People often resort to home remedies as they are easy and quick. But you need to be careful that they don’t cause allergies or other side-effects. This is where help comes in the form of expert advice. You can consult a dermatologist or a hairstylist to know more about the effects of the home remedies you are trying on your hair. All that you can do is try a patch test to identify whether there are any serious problems linked to the use of these herbs and essential oils.  

Why Then Is Home Remedies The Choice Of Many? 

You can try more ways where there are positive effects no matter how strong the compounds are. These remedies have been handed over generations by the ancestors who didn’t have access to any chemical compounds but still had luscious hair. Add volume to your tresses and you are sure there will be more hair growing back covering up your scalp. Read the next two parts to get the whole idea of using home remedies in case of bald patches caused by any condition. 

For now, we are winding up and we will catch up in the next two parts with more useful oils and other packs that can give you healthy hair.

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