What Are Some Of The Burst Fade Haircuts This New Year?- Part 2

Try out a burst fade haircut that helps you get stylish hair. Whatever be the style you choose; they are sure to keep you in style. So, go on and read the whole article. 

What Are Some Of The Burst Fade Haircuts This New Year?- Part 2

The Continuation 

There are the following fade haircuts that are still in vogue. So, what you want is just choosing the best with the help of an expert. We welcome you to a whole new world of stylish haircuts in town. Celebrate this new year in style and keep the hair healthy and voluminous. 

Burst Fade Comb Over

Providing a special take on a classic hairstyle is the burst fade comb-over. A burst will help you stand out in the crowd as the comb-over fade is often styled with a traditional low, mid, or high taper on the sides. Creating a parted look, the hair is then brushed over to one side. Use a high-quality matte men’s styling product for volume and texture. 

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

With a textured finish, shaved back, and thick beard, here is the burst fade faux hawk. Styling especially nicely with a fade on the sides is the faux hawk also known as the fohawk. Adding a sweet hair design is the surgical line or part. Guys should use a stronghold, low shine wax to keep your fohawk fade styled all day. 

Burst Taper With Curly Top

A burst fade with short curly hair on top is a trendy style for black men. Easy to get and maintain is this mohawk with tight curls and a skin fade. You will have a very masculine look, as you further grow out a long full beard. 

Burst Fade With Design

With a hair design on the sides, the burst fade can be customised to suit your personal style. Ranging from symbols to writing, are cool hair designs. Looking awesome and edgy is the thick long mohawk with highlights and nappy curls or twists. Ask your barber for a fresh line up along the hairline for an extra clean finish. 

Mohawk Fade For White Guys

This styling also looks good on white guys and anyone who likes the hairstyle while the mohawk fade is generally a more popular haircut for black men. You will notice the sweet shaping of the hairline around the temples as the low burst taper fade merges seamlessly into the sideburns and beard. We highly recommend you try it this year if you can pull off this look. 

Flat Top Mohawk

Providing a unique version of these styles is the flat top mohawk pictured here. The burst fade makes this cut different while a flat top fade is a classic look. This modern hairstyle offers a stylish profile along with the edge up, mohawk, and length at the back. 

Straight Hair Burst Fade

That the burst fade works with all types of hair including thick straight hair is the proof. This straight messy hairstyle offers the perfect contrast unlike the kinky hair common to black men. The styling is sleek and modern following the short sides, long top hair trend for men 

South Of France And Burst Fade

Another name for the burst fade mohawk is the South of France hairstyle. This look features a high burst fade tapered down to the skin what used to be Usher’s signature cut. Made of thick twists or curls is the wide mohawk on top. This styling is clean and trendy without nappy hair. 

Mid Skin Burst Fade With Line Up

Including a mid-bald fade, the burst fade haircut comes in a variety of forms. A combination of a blowout and mohawk is the very short spiky hair on top. The barber was forced to use zero fade clippers and an edge up trimmer along the hairline to build some contrast on the sides. This ultra-cool hairstyle was the result. 

Finally, Where Do We Stand With These Stylish Haircuts? 

You can always be stylish with any haircut. But this kind of burst fade cut is always in style for any person whether they are black or white or they have thick or curly or short hair. Burst fade hair suits even the young. Fade haircuts come in various styles and you can be sure they suit you and your hair. For thick textured hair or short curly hair, there are many of the styles as well as for long or short hair lengths. 

The Conclusion 

As we wind up the discussion, there are many styles you can try out. We are here to bring you the latest from the hairstyles that can be tried out by anyone. Stay tuned and we bring you more of them.

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