We're Calling For These Hair-Care Market Trends In 2021 – Part 1

2020 was a year of ups and downs. With the COVID-19, it saw massive losses as the people were awry of visiting salons. So, then what is 2021 bringing with itself?

We're Calling For These Hair-Care Market Trends In 2021 – Part 1

Why Is 2021 Special? 

Being a bottom-tier year was the year 2020. Currently, we feel we are then going to be dealing with the virus especially in a major way for most of it where the COVID-19 vaccine has 2021 looking to be a bit more promising just between those anti-vaxxers, the anti-maskers, and of course the team with “you can now beat a deadly novel virus just with ginger and anise tea.”

Having changed the way we engage with beauty, thereby that it will continue through next year, in case it affects the makeup choices or else when we discuss here those hair care products will be popping up on the market, we have spoken at length about COVID-19 restrictions. 

We can tell you what the haircare product line-up is shaping up to look like in 2021 as we can’t give you the forecast for the state of the country or the world next year. As we observe from January 1, here comes some of the key trends that are sure to be seeing. 

Hair Loss

Folks have been noticing a lot of hair loss lately whether it's seasonal, stress-related or one of the residual effects of COVID-19 infection that some doctors believe could be attributed to the stress of thereby having it. We have here brands that are stepping up by then providing products you can use just at home enough to combat it in the spirit of capitalism. 

New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, observes, more importantly, you need to keep the scalp healthy when treating hair thinning and you want to keep the hair itself in as good shape as possible. Here we know that growing a healthy scalp thereby allows follicles to function to their best of ability. 

Plenty of brands pushing products catered to hair restoration is being seen. Mostly because it's hard to tell how effective the products are actually though it's important to note that the hair restoration market is a tricky one to navigate. For starters, you can read the ingredient list when you are shopping for products that finally claim to promote hair growth, also in particular of not formulas that then promise to thicken the hair texture. 

Zeichner shares that for hair thinning, topical minoxidil is the gold standard of care. When it is about enhancing circulation to the scalp this treatment then helps dilate blood vessels. Also for the hair follicles, this means the optimal delivery of oxygen as also nutrients. Here we find the Women’s Rogaine 5 percent Minoxidil Foam a great affordable product option for those needing stimulation. It was even given a Best of Beauty award as it's so good. 

Also helpful are peptides. To perform a specific job, peptides are messengers that tell our skin cells. There are some with anti-inflammatory benefits whereas some stimulate collagen. This is why they are used in products for lash, brows, or hair growth these are also peptides that have been shown to enhance the activity of the hair follicles. 

Aimed at caring for thinning hair, Revitalash has launched a haircare line. To help strengthen the hair, its Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with ingredients like flax protein to fight breakage, and biotin and keratin. It comes to be packed with all those ever-important peptides, as the range also includes that of a volumizing foam. 

Both on the affordable and high-end sides of the system we are seeing the trends. This includes a volumizing and thickening shampoo and conditioner, as well as a thickening spray and a volumizing spray, R+Co is releasing a luxury haircare range, Bleu. 

At-Home Colour Care

Getting a touch-up on your dye job will depend on what the case and hospitalisation numbers look like in your area with salons continuing to open and close based on local COVID restrictions. Brands are turning out a number of colour care and maintenance products that are user-friendly and affordable with this in mind. 

There are several at-home options for those willing to take the plunge and lighten their hair as it is strongly suggested consulting virtually with a stylist for this or if it's safe/possible to work with a stylist at your home. New York City-based colourist Rachel Bodt suggests it’s so helpful if you are in a pinch or are trying to go to the salon less while it may not be exactly like the salon. We come across a wide range of hues including cool, ashy tones, in January, where L’Oreal Paris is releasing its Excellence Cool Supreme box dye. Here we insist that your colour from going brassy can be attained by formulating each with built-in technology. 

We find here the use to thereby protect your hair from the ravages of bleach, as PH Plex is coming to be an accessible professional-grade three-step plex system. This is formulated for easy use by anyone at home by comparing it to the in-salon lightening plexes like Olaplex. It is the fact that you don’t have to do too much work but just measuring out how much there is need to do so, also rebuilding and reinforcing the bonds that are easily broken by bleach. Los Angeles-based hairstylist Kendall Dorsey tells us that it is a boon to kinky and curly hair, even if you don’t lighten your hair, you can use steps one and two to strengthen your strands. 

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To how they maintain their colour, blondes in particular need to pay special attention. Los Angeles-based hairstylist Laura Polko then says as they absorb colour easily, it's important to be aware of what tones you are adding to your hair because blonde strands are extra porous. As it will turn ends yellow even using an oil that has a yellow tint as argan is not ideal for blondes.

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