We Present Here PRP Treatment For Hair Growth As Well As Reduced Hair Loss – Part 1

Best suited for people with hair loss is PRP treatment. What then is the procedure? Get to know all about it.

We Present Here PRP Treatment For Hair Growth As Well As Reduced Hair Loss – Part 1

The Introduction 

A promising new regenerative treatment for hair loss is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. To give you thicker and healthier hair, it harnesses the power of platelet-stimulated hair growth. Which involves drawing blood, separating the platelets, and injecting the platelets into the scalp, PRP is a three-step process. Increasing the number of hairs without adverse reactions is research showing that localised platelet injections do. 

You may consider PRP therapy if you want to regrow hair in certain areas of your scalp at an affordable cost. Find out what exactly PRP therapy is, how it works, also its cost, results, benefits as well as possible side effects just before you make a decision. The following discussion helps you know more.

 What Is PRP Treatment For Hair Loss?

Helping stimulate hair growth in areas where your hair is thinning is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Carried out by licensed dermatologists this new-age hair regrowth treatment is a minimally invasive procedure. Platelets are extracted from the patient’s blood and injected into the scalp in this procedure. To strengthen and revive them and trigger hair growth the platelets then work on the hair follicles. Not very costly and requiring no downtime for surgical recovery is PRP, unlike hair transplant. 

PRP Procedure – How Is PRP Done?

Quite simple is the procedure of PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair. It comes to be the minimally invasive three-step process: 

Step 1 – Draw Blood: 

Drawing blood from your arm and storing it in a sterile, airtight tube is a licensed medical professional. 

Step 2– Separate Platelets: 

Spinning it for 10 minutes, a lab technician puts the tube in a centrifuge. Here the result comes to be as separating the red blood cells or RBCs that then settle a the bottom of the tube, also serum the top layer and thereafter platelets as the middle layer. 

Step 3 – Inject Platelets: 

With the help of a syringe, the platelets are drawn from the tube. Wherever there is hair thinning and balding, the doctor then injects the platelets into the scalp. 

It is a simple process clearly. To help revive the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth, how does it then work? In the next section, let's find out all about it. 

How Does PRP Stimulate Hair Growth?

Working on the same principle as wound healing is PRP treatment for hair. The platelets in your blood release numerous growth factors and other biochemicals that help activate fibroblasts, collagen, as well as other factors to build a new layer of skin when you have a wound.

Helping release the following growth factors to treat hair thinning, hair loss, and baldness is the activated platelet-rich plasma injected in the scalp: 

Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)

Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β)

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)

Epidermal growth factor (EGF)

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

Boosting the cell proliferation (cell growth) of the dermal papilla, the differentiation (forming specialized cells, e.g., skin cells), and also chemotaxis (movement in response to chemical stimulus), it increases permeability, reduces inflammation, and then prevent hair cell death (apoptosis) as these growth factors are. 

Found in the bulge area of follicles are the growth factors in PRP also acting on the stem cells. Which is extremely important for hair regeneration, this results in neovascularisation and folliculogenesis.  

Helping recruit all the growth factors and biochemicals required to improve follicle vascularisation, inhibit cell apoptosis, thereby prolong the hair cycle or anagen phase, then boost hair regrowth, and improve blood supply, as also reduce inflammation are PRP hair treatments. To establish the exact mechanism of action of PRP treatment for hair, however, more research is required.  

What Do We Say Now? 

PRP treatment is found to be effective on all with hair loss conditions. This helps regulate hair growth wherever they are applied. Being minimally invasive, it doesn’t affect your work life. It can be done with a few hours of sitting at the doctor’s office. So, you need not doubt to take it. Always make sure you visit an expert doctor and do not get misled by the false advertisements. Get to know about self-help groups where many people with the same condition meet and get enough information about the treatment from them. They can of course suggest the right treatment and the right doctor. 

In the next part let’s check out what kind of results it delivers now that you know all about how PRP treatment works. So let's get ready and jump in for the best treatment readily available for hair loss.

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