Take Care Of Your Hair With These Haircare Trends And Styling Tips 

More to styling your hair for 2021. We highlight these tips to take care of the hair effectively. Read the whole article here.

Take Care Of Your Hair With These Haircare Trends And Styling Tips 

Growing Your Hair Back 

On how to style your crowning glory lately have you been searching for fresh, ingenious ways? With hair salons closed due to lockdowns, perhaps you have lapsed into ponytail mode this year. Like a low-maintenance get-up-and-go style, maybe you are striving to find that wow factor for an instantly flattering look. To say the least, yet transforming your image can be liberating. Than a brand spanking New Year, there’s also a no better time to unravel a new fabulous you.

Guaranteed to unleash your inner queen reclaim your crowning glory with these styling trends and tips for 2021. 

Here are some refreshing trends

1: Mocha Hues

High on the hair colour trend list for 2021 are mocha tones. Blended with both lowlights and highlights for additional dimension this tone comprises a brunette-coloured base. Complementing most skin undertones and tones is this neutral hue. 

2: The Shag is Back!

Only this time your hairdresser may style this with longer, more feminine bangs as this 1970s style is fast making its way onto the hair trend scene. 

3: The Timeless Pixie Look

You can expect these to be just as popular as before even though this look never ran out of style. 

4: Hybrid Tones

The hottest craze for 2021 is blended shades with dual hues comprising purple and silver. This trend is for you if you are looking to go bold in 2021. 

5: Bobs Galore

Definitely set to be the year of the timeless bob in 2021. Like your side-parted asymmetrical bob, your blunt bob and the textured bob be on the look-out for different variations of this look. 

When you want to transition easily from a day to evening look the asymmetrical variation can be seen as that get-up-and-go style or that go-style style that needs little maintenance. 

If you aspire towards a ruler-straight, sleek look you can opt for a blunt bob. If your hair tends to be a bit thin, this would be ideal to try as this style adds volume to your hair. 

Try opting for the textured bob if you are looking for that textured look and feel and are trying to steer away from a traditional bob. Applying a tad of curl mouse to dampened hair and dazzle is all you need to do here to maximise this look. 

6: Pastels Inspired by Digital Trendsetters

You won’t be surprised to find that these hues are not going anywhere in 2021 if you are familiar with the flurry of pastel-toned hairstyles on social media. Here you can prepare for a flurry of soft multi-hues. Be sure to consult your hairstylist first for advice on the most complementary shades for you if you are feeling daring and think you would like to pull this off. 

7: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Without braving an irreversible snip, accessories have always been the ideal go-to for those who love an instant transformation. Into your hairstyling routine for 2021 why not incorporate hair jewellery with pearls like beaded bobby pins? For an elegant edge, you could also try rhinestone bobby pins. 

If you are looking to add some Bohemian flair, geometric and circular hair clips are also in style for 2021 as well as hair rings. Why not decorate your bun with a corsage or pretty headband if you love making up styles like buns but are looking to add some extra to it. 

2021 Hair Care Hacks for Varying Hair Types

Try selecting a shampoo that will clarify your hair without drying it out if you have combination hair like an oily scalp with dry ends. For this, you can try Alba Botanica detox volcanic clay shampoo comprising clay and glycerine. This helps replenish any moisture lost during shampooing and seals your hair shafts, don’t forget to use your favourite conditioner. 

As you would be ridding your locks of split ends if you have dry hair, trimming it first would be ideal. Like the Nexxus range, you could also switch to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Also, a serum with moisturising argan oil can be used. 

Before resorting to anti-frizz products like TSD flower extract conditioner, complete with hydrolysed keratin that helps seal cuticles for a smoother look if you are trying to fund ways to tame a frizzy mane why not first choose a trendy hair cut to eradicate split ends. 

As this tends to dehydrate your hair strands, be sure to avoid products with low-alcohol content. Comprising hydrating components like glycerine you should also try while choosing a shampoo. 

On your 2021 look, these trends will surely make a lasting impression. As we wind up here, we ask you to follow these tips to better care for your hair. We are sure you will grow back all your lost hair. Get your head full of healthy hair. 

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