Some Of The Details On How To Get Rid Of A Cowlick For Men – Part 2

Some more suggestions here. How do you take care of cowlicks? Following are some helpful tips. 

Some Of The Details On How To Get Rid Of A Cowlick For Men – Part 2

The Continuation 

Whereas a cowlick in the front can be hidden with a fringed style or cropped top as men with short thin hair can spike it up so that the styling act as camouflage. When styling, longer bangs can help deal with unruly hair. 

Guys can style them with a cowlick in front and still look stylish with short hair on the sides and back paired with a short to medium length hairstyles on top. 

Use The Right Hair Products

Depending on the hair type, length, haircut, and the hairstyle you want to achieve are the best hair products for cowlicks. Going to require a styling product with a high hold are men’s hairstyles like the crew cut, comb over, pompadour, quiff, slick back, and side part. 

Consider using a strong matte pomade, wax, or clay for a textured finish if you want to style a shaggy, messy look. A styling cream, sea salt spray, or mousse can enhance your hair’s natural texture while minimising frizz for guys with wavy or curly hair. 

You will want to use a blow dryer to maximise the strength of your styling product when applying the best product for your cowlick. 

Use A Hairdryer

For dealing with a cowlick, using a hairdryer should be your go-to move.

As they move in any position they please, letting your hair dry naturally adds more emphasis to the flow of your tresses. 

As you can blow it out so that it appears less edgy, with a hairdryer, it's easier to make your cowlick part of the cut. Use a brush to coax it into place and do it while it's wet as this will give your hair more flexibility. 

Grow Your Hair Out

As it incorporates extra volume and fullness into your style, growing your hair out works well. Your hairstyle can hide the untamed parts and your cowlick won’t stand out as much when this happens. It can be used to fix a cowlick by weighing it down as longer hair is also heavier. Guys with short hair have more prominent cowlicks while long hairstyles tames the issue for this reason. 

Use Less Shampoo And More Conditioner

Using less shampoo and more conditioner is the answer as you will need an alternative if you don’t like the way long hair looks. By imbuing it with oils and vital nutrients, this is because your conditioner adds volume to your hair. Making your hair lighter and more likely to stand out in the form of a cowlick, shampoo has the opposite effect. 

Talk To A Professional Barber

About your options, your last resort is to speak to a professional barber or stylist. They can advise you on what steps to take thanks to their specialist knowledge. Ask your barber to cut it so that your cowlick is shorter and then fades into your hairstyle rather than it growing out with the rest of the hair for example in case you have short hair and want to grow it longer. 

It’s always wise to pick their brains as stylists also know which hair products are the most useful. 

At least you get peace of mind that it will be less noticeable after they have finished trimming and styling although consulting a professional may cost more than treating a cowlick yourself. You should ask them which barber they use in case you have a friend who has a cowlick and like their cut. 

How To Get Rid of A Cowlick

Similar to high-hold pomade, wax, clay, or gel, use strong hair products. 

To add extra weight and volume grow your hair longer. 

For the type of cowlick choose a hairstyle. While a crew cut, taper, or crop top fade is useful if it's in the back, a quiff or pompadour is best for cowlicks in the front near your hairline. 

To take advantage of your hair’s natural oils, shampoo less, and condition more often. 

About new haircuts and hairstyles that will fix a cowlick ask your barber. 

Embrace the look and work a cowlick into your style. 

Closing Up The Discussion 

Maybe cowlicks are a cause of concern. But today, the stylists are well equipped with more styles to camouflage the unruly hair. So, worry not, we have so much in handy to help you work around confidently. Here is the best way you can take care of a cowlick. Stay tuned as we come up with more options to help your hair behave well.

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