Moms-To-Be Splurge On Spa Treatment For Getting Pampered- Part 1

Everyone likes to get pampered. When you are pregnant, you can try out maternity spas. What are they and what do they offer? 

Moms-To-Be Splurge On Spa Treatment For Getting Pampered- Part 1

Maternity Spas For Pregnant Women 

Among the indulgences of modern-day expectant moms are facials, belly massages, and yoga. 

Knowing it would be the perfect gift for her newly pregnant girlfriend was Kelly Kockos, 38 as she drove by Barefoot and Pregnant, a maternity spa in Sausalito, Calif. She too would soon be enjoying the maternity spas was what she didn’t know. 

She headed back to Barefoot and Pregnant for a facial and a belly massage once Kockos became pregnant a few months later. During her second pregnancy as well, she returned. 

As she says it was totally wonderful. It was probably the most comfortable she had been in nine months as they laid her on her side with all these pillows. It was so relieving and nice to have time to myself and to be pampered as they know where to put the pillows and where to put the pressure. 

Spending their pregnancies, or part of them anyway in the lap of luxury, Kockos is among a growing number of moms-to-be. Women around the country are indulging in maternity spa treatments whether for pregnancy massages, facials, private yoga sessions, or the more traditional mani-pedi combo. We find here that prices vary from $15-$75 for waxing to $195 for a belly cast which comes as a mold of your pregnant stomach.

At about $70 belly massages start in most spas.

Kockos further explains massage gives you a chance to celebrate it when you are pregnant as there are all these weird changes going on with your body and this is something everyone should try to do. 

The Need for Maternity Spas

Maternity spas are increasingly being viewed as a necessity and not a luxury according to Stacy Denney, chief executive officer of Barefoot and Pregnant and author of Spa Mama: Pampering for the Mother to Be. 

Putting it, she says there are a lot of people looking at it as pampering, whereas they were not there in the time of their mothers. Now we come to be a different society with a different environment. Both before and after the baby is born, they were older and were working 40 and 50 hours a week. 

The average age of mothers has steadily increased in the past 30 years according to the CDC. The average age of all new mothers was 24.6 in 1970. The number was 27, an all-time high for the nation by 2002.

Concluding the 2002 report, it was noted that observed nationwide and among all groups in the population was the trend in delayed childbirth that was universal.

They are more apt to go to a maternity spa as older women tend to have careers which means more disposable income. 

What Do Maternity Spas Promise? 

Women can enjoy the recently opened Becoming Mom, thereby a maternity spa devoted to pampering soon-to-be and new mothers in suburban Cincinnati. Expectant mothers head to Edamame Spa for a full range of maternity treatments in New York City. Including neighbouring New Jersey, and Massachusetts as well as Charlotte, N.C., the company has now expanded into several locations. 

Traditional spas around the country are offering pre-partum treatments such as belly massages as Denney believes there comes the only handful of maternity spas. She is licensing the trade name to other spas, whereas she operates Barefoot and Pregnant out of Sausalito, Calif., and Carefree, Ariz. Launching an online social network, she is in talks with several hotels.

Moving on she further explains, they were bent on creating a community as women could help other women. They provide just not prenatal massage, but also acupuncture, facials, also massages geared to each week of the pregnancy, that has different symptoms throughout and treatments for everything from migraines to carpal tunnel syndrome, they did find that there was a need for all sorts of other full spa services dedicated to the expectant mom.

Spa Treatments Are In Demand For Moms-To-Be

Here as we discuss the topic, it is found that there is a growing trend for pregnant women to go for a belly massage or facials. As they come to be increasingly popular, many are investing in promoting the spas and the treatments meant for pregnant women.   

There are more reasons highlighted in the next part of the discussion as to why the women are flocking to maternity spas. We bring you the facts that are required to increasingly engage in spa treatments. 

For moms-to-be, this is a let out from the daily stress of working full time during their pregnancy. 


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