Looking For The Latest Trends In Men’s Hairstyles: Here Are The Men’s Fade Haircuts – Part 2

There are more fade styles suited for your hair type. Here are they listed. Go through them and get a hot hairstyle

Looking For The Latest Trends In Men’s Hairstyles: Here Are The Men’s Fade Haircuts – Part 2

Continuing The Fade Styles 

Fades continue fading into the skin whereas tapers gradually change and end with really short hair as this is the difference between a fade and a taper. Choose a taper or taper fade cut for a more conservative classic look on the sides when in doubt. You can style just as many cool hairstyles while you won’t get the same contrast as a fade. 

Skin Fade Haircut

A barbershop favourite is the skin fade also known as a zero fade haircut. As it is super clean, high-contrast, and gives off a bad boy style guys love the skin fade haircut. Depending on how short you want the sides and back cut, all of these fades will require your hair to be shaved down to the skin on your head whether you pick which is a high, mid, or low skin fade. 

In case you thereby want to wear a comb-over, the side part, or the slick back and then still have your hairstyle to be acceptable for the office, as the low skin fade looks good. The mid and high skin fade haircuts are very popular hair ideas for young men and boys if you don’t have a dress code to worry about. 

Bald Fade Haircut

Another name for the skin fade is the bald fade. Bald fade haircuts blend into the skin and finish with no hair as such. To completely shave off their hair near the ends, often barbers will use clippers with no guard.

Guys will then ask their stylists to help fix their hairlines with that of a line-up or shape up finally creating a super fresh fade just because of the sharp look. 

Undercut Fade Haircut

A combination of the coolest ways for guys to cut the hair on their sides and back is the undercut. Starting very high on the head as a one-length cut is the undercut haircut being distinct and awesome. Without any fading, this means your barber will take clippers, put on a comb, and then trim the hair short all around. 

Guys will ask for an undercut fade to taper the hair. A balance of the undercut’s disconnected profile and the tapering of a fade is the final cut. Making it an idea worth experimenting with, undercut fade haircuts can be worked into all the best styles. 

Temp Fade Haircut

On black men with afros, buzz cuts, waves, and tight curly hair, the temp fade has traditionally looked best. The temp fade haircut is characterised by sharp, clean cuts along the edges of your hairline and near your temples also known as a temple fade. 

All temp fade styles do an excellent job of accentuating the tapered hair on the sides and back and the longer hair on top while this type of fade haircut can be a low, mid, or high cut. 

Best Fade Hairstyles

Requiring short sides and long hair on top are some of the best fade hairstyles. The following are the best fade haircut styles for men from the side part to the comb-over, pompadour, faux hawk, and all the different kinds of cool short and long men’s hairstyles in between. 

Side Part Fade

That which won’t go unnoticed, the side part fade is both a professional and casual haircut. The side part is generally styled neat and structured for a sophisticated look, as one of the few men’s hairstyles that have survived the test of time. The men’s side part fade haircut epitomises the modern gentleman when paired with tapered hair on the sides. 

Start with slightly damp hair ideally after a shower to style a side part fade. Spreading it evenly throughout, apply a good pomade, wax, or clay to your hair. To part, your hair now uses a comb. Sweep the hair over to one side following your natural part. Style with your fingers or a brush for a textured finish. 

Comb Over Fade

Continuing to be fashionable and handsome, the comb over fade is another classic hairstyle for men. The comb-over requires men’s hair to be parted like the side part. With more flow and texture as all the hair is swept to one side, however, the primary difference is that the modern comb over is less structured. To get there are also many different types of comb over hairstyles. 

Looking flattering for professional and older men who don’t want their scalp exposed, for instance, the low fade comb over is the more old-fashioned version. The high fade comb-over makes for an awesome disconnected hairstyle with thick, long hair on top and very short sides on the contrary. With the mid fade comb over, finally, the perfect balance can be found.

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