Here Is All That You Need To Know About Receding Hairline – Part 2

For receding hairline, the treatments are many. Learn about them and decide on which one suits you. Here are the further options for treatment or the necessary precautions. 

Here Is All That You Need To Know About Receding Hairline – Part 2

The Continuation

Here are the remaining treatments for hair loss. Get the whole list of precautions and preventions.


An over-the-counter scalp treatment that has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to help slow the rate of hair loss is Minoxidil. Baldness will return once a person stops using it as the effects typically last as long as a person uses the treatment. 


Encouraging new hair growth in some people is a prescription for anthralin. Though it is often used to help spark new hair growth, it is a topical psoriasis medication. 


Helping with hair loss are some corticosteroid treatments. By reducing the inflammation around the hair follicles allowing them to open back up and grow new hairs is this medication. Anybody considering using these medications should discuss their use with a doctor as corticosteroids may produce adverse side effects. 

Hair Transplants And Laser Therapy

Taking hairs and parts of the scalp from thicker spots on the head thereby moving them to the front filling in the receding hairline is the process of hair transplant. Many people feel it is a more long-term solution to a receding hairline whereas the process may be costly. 

It may increase hair growth in some people and reduce male pattern baldness using a laser therapy of red light or laser at a wavelength of 660 nanometers. 

Essential Oils

Promising hair growth agents are some essential oils. A group of researchers tested peppermint essential oil against the standard hair treatment Minoxidil, in a recent study on mice posted to Toxicological Research. 

Showing the most prominent signs of hair growth when compared to any other group was the mice that had peppermint essential oil rubbed on them for 4 weeks. 

Similar results were found using lavender essential oil in another study on mice posted to Toxicological Research. These treatments may be promising for people looking for a natural way to thicken their hair whereas more research on humans is needed to verify these claims. 

What Is The Process Of Receding?

Usually progressing in distinct steps is male pattern baldness. A receding hairline that can appear uneven at first whereas typically developing to a distinct M shape is the first sign. Leaving bald spot after this the hair on the top or back of the head usually begins to fall out. 

Creating a larger bald spot, these two signs will then spread and meet. A horseshoe-like ring around the sides and back of the head is eventually what is left 

Managing A Receding Hairline

There are few other things that a person can do to help manage a receding hairline in addition to direct treatments. 


Helping to hide signs of a receding hairline is certain hairstyles.

Helping draw attention away from it is by changing the way a person with a receding hairline style their hair. 

The slicked back undercut as the person grows the hair on top of their head out a bit cutting the sides shorter, is the stylish example.

Using a brush or a product, once long enough the person slicks back the hair on top of the head. Covering up any bald spots, this style can make the hair look thicker. 

Including a close buzz cut, medium crew cut, or a clean shave are other classic examples that work well on men with receding hairlines. 

Lifestyle Choices

Finding ways to reduce stress may also help manage a receding hairline as stress and anxiety may play a role in hair loss. Helping manage their symptoms are regular exercise, eating a whole and varied diet, as well as taking time to reduce stress factors. 

Hair Care

An integral step towards keeping it on the head is taking care of delicate hair. A step towards rejuvenating the hair is using more natural hair products or at least avoiding harsh chemicals. Avoiding vigorous brushing or pulling the hair too much can also help. 

Finally, Here Is The Takeaway

It poses no risk to health whereas a receding hairline can be upsetting for an individual to look at. There are some treatments available that can help the hair look fuller or help it to regrow, as most people can manage their hairline. To find the most suitable option anybody considering trying these treatments should discuss them thoroughly. 

We Wind Up Here

While these form the base of treatments for a receding hairline, it greatly varies regarding the hair type and genetics of the person. Hair loss could be hereditary or induced where there are options for reversing hair growth. So keep reading for even better innovations in the hair care regime. 

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