Here Are The Tips For Using Latisse From A Dermatologist- Part 1

Long eyelashes are always the dream of any woman. Here we throw light on the treatment called Latisse. How are they effective? 

Here Are The Tips For Using Latisse From A Dermatologist- Part 1

How Do You Grow Your Eyelashes?

When eye doctors who were using the drops to treat glaucoma, noticed that their patients were developing very long eyelashes, Latisse was originally discovered to be effective for growing eyelashes. Is that a solution right for you, thanks to their discovery, they now have a solution for sparse lashes. Wondering the same thing are many of the patients as well as visitors. Here come answers to most of the questions many ask. 

Is Latisse Effective?

The answer is yes for more people. Noticing an increase in length as well as an increase in thickness and darkness is almost everyone who tries it. Whereas the results take a month or two as also money:

To get full growth and thickening of the lashes, you need to use Latisse on the upper eyelids for at least 8-10 weeks. 

Latisse does not come cheap when for a small bottle it costs $150-170 as makers say that will last you a month whereas it lasts longer with the help of the following tricks. 

How Often Do I Apply It?

You need to use Latisse once a day in the beginning. It helps when you make it a part of your regular daily routine. It helps to keep it handy mostly right next to your toothbrush or other daily skincare products.

Don’t try and play catch up the next day if you miss a day. In fact, you need only 1 drop of products per day. It will just waste product and possibly cause irritation when applying more will not cause the product to work any faster.  

Here having patience is key. Keep using it every night and have faith your results will come as Latisse does take a month or more to start working. 

Many people use it every other day instead of after 3 months. Though you may not get quite as much growth. 

What Is The Best Way To Apply It To Make It Last Longer?

Many dermatologists suggest using the product slightly differently than outlined in the patient insert and on the Latisse website to get the most out of your bottle of Latisse. 

The patients are instructed to place just 1 drop of Latisse directly onto a very tiny eyeliner brush or thereby into the cap of the bottle and thereafter dipping the brush into the cap. It should feel just slightly wet when applied to the skin at the base of your upper lashes. You are putting too much on the brush if there is any dripping. Re-dip it into the cap if the brush feels dry. To cover both eyes, just one drop is usually enough. 

You can also use 1 brush for both eyes unless you have an eye infection or irritation. Here it is important to clean the brush with a little gentle dishwashing liquid between uses rinsing and letting it dry for sanitation purposes. If you have a problem with your eyes or the eyelid skin, replace the brush about every 3-6 months or immediately. Here keep in mind to put Latisse on the upper lash and then wipe off any excess product. 

Should I Use Latisse In The Morning Or Evening?

Whichever is more convenient for you, using Latisse in the morning or the evening? Better than putting it on at night and then rolling around on your pillow, many people prefer to use it in the morning as it may stay in place. First, put on your eye cream and concealer, then Latisse, and after it is dry, apply eyeliner if applying in the morning. 

The Next Post Highlights More On The Use Of Latisse. 

Long eyelashes are always in demand. With Latisse, the dermatologists help clear any doubts about having the lashes longer and stronger. For more, we recommend the prescription of a skin specialist. It is always better to consult before you jump into conclusions such as those made by the makeup artists. As it is a treatment, you ought to seek expert advice and so better than any of the simple tricks that the beauty experts use. 

There is more to the beauty regime you can follow with the application of Latisse. Now we answer the questions most people ask about their use of Latisse. We continue to the next post along with more tips on how to apply and who can apply. Stay tuned as we bring more in the next post. It is sure to help you with eyelashes that are longer as well as stronger.

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