Here Are The Tips For The Best Hair Loss Treatment For 2021 – Part 3

As we conclude how are the drugs helping treat hair loss? Know the reasons, effects, and side effects of these medicines. They come both as oral as also topical medications.

Here Are The Tips For The Best Hair Loss Treatment For 2021 – Part 3

What Does It Cost? 

Minoxidil is pretty reasonably priced, unlike hair transplant surgery which can be thousands of dollars. Under various brand names for somewhere between $40 and $50 for a three-month supply so that comes to about 40 to 50+cents a day for the treatment you can usually find it in pharmacies. One of the best places to get it is online as our research shows. For much less than that, we have found that you can get three months of treatment. Where you can get the first three months of this hair loss treatment at half the cost we have negotiated a great deal. 

It’s a great way to get started saving your hair in case you don want to deal with a doctor. 

Best Prescription Hair Loss Treatment 

There is another, FDA-approved option that comes in as a daily pill whereas topical medicines are not the only way to treat hair loss. The research says that it’s the best prescription, FDA approved option for treating hair loss as Finasteride is FDA approved for the treatment of male pattern hair loss called androgenetic alopecia for men only.  

It has real science behind it like you would expect for a medicine that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved. Showing that it works for many men, you can bet your scalp that there have been a LOT of clinical studies. 

The Science Behind Finasteride 

Naturally, scientists would try to find a drug that interacts with DHT since the hormone DHT is thought to cause the follicles to shrink and eventually die/go dormant. That’s what Finasteride is thought to do in fact. The current understanding is that Finasteride blocks DHT not letting it shrink the follicles on your scalp according to the Mayo Clinic. The medicine is believed to inhibit the creation of an enzyme called “5α-Reductase” if you are curious about the details. Changing testosterone into dihydrotestosterone is this enzyme. Thus, fighting hair loss, finasteride reduces the amount of DHT. 

About finasteride, what does the medical research say? Seeming to show that it works for many men is the data. The conclusion that after 2 years, men using Finasteride saw that at 1 and 2 years, finasteride treatment improved scalp hair by all evaluation techniques as the research study that was then coming to be published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. Many other studies have shown that it is an effective hair growth option as this is a widely studied treatment. 

How To Use It 

Taken once per day is medicine as a pill. As long as you want to keep your hair, like minoxidil, you will have to keep using it. It makes sense to start taking it as soon as you notice thinning as it's also not a miracle drug and working best if you still have hair to save, just like minoxidil. 

There are side effects like any real medicine. Usually, stop if you stop taking the drug as they are generally quite rare thankfully. Providing legit online doctor’s visits where it's easy for you to go over these with a licensed medical professional as the good news is that the companies offer reputable hair loss treatments. You should consult your primary care physician again if you have other underlying medical conditions that may be causing your shedding/thinning. 

What Does It Cost? 

Generally, not covered by health care, the non-generic version of Finasteride can cost $70 per month. You can get it for less than $30 per month often even less than that, however, thanks to the online telemedicine providers. With a free online doctor’s visit, plus, you can get the first three months for 30% off. 


Currently, the best way to promote hair regrowth and treat hair loss without surgery as study after study has shown that combining these two FDA approved hair loss treatments. Thereby published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Dermatologic Therapy, as also more research demonstrates the combination therapy which works well for that of a large percent of balding men and so we won’t link to all of those studies where we have seen this. 94% of men on the combination therapy showed improvement in fact as the last study we just mentioned was showing this. This doesn’t come to be bad odds. 

The time to act is as soon as you see thinning but again since these medicines can’t bring dormant hair follicles back to life. Grab one of those free online doctor’s appointments now and take advantage of the 50% off offer while it lasts and doesn’t wait. 

To Conclude, What Finasteride And Minoxidil Cost Together 

That which is not taking into account your health insurance doctor’s visit co-pay, going through your primary care physician and getting branded Finasteride and Minoxidil from your local pharmacy could cost quite a bit. For less than $40 per month thankfully through a legit online telemedicine provider, you can get the two bundled, delivered right to your house. For free is the medical visit. Now, what are you waiting for?

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