Here Are Some  Hair-Care Trends That Are Set To Be Big In 2021 From Hair Loss Treatments To At-Home Colour Care – Part 3

As we conclude, some products helping take care of the hair are listed. Decide which one you need to choose depending on the hair type. Read along and get the whole idea.

Here Are Some  Hair-Care Trends That Are Set To Be Big In 2021 From Hair Loss Treatments To At-Home Colour Care – Part 3

Wigs And Extensions

If you are looking to add extensions to your hair, there are more options than ever. Brands are working to satiate our hunger for switching up our hairstyles and they are also working to make it easier than ever whether you are playing with styles, textures, or colours. New York-based hairstylist David Lopez, who is an ambassador for Glam Seamless extensions is now of the opinion that what’s better than that as no-commitment makeovers are able to be done at home. 

We surely mean easy when we say easy. As Luxy Hair has just released a line of clip-in ponies and Instagram -favourite brand Insert Name Here has steadily been adding to its extensive collection of clip-in ponies and wigs as we have been seeing a lot of ponytail extensions. 

Launching Radswan which right now is offering three styles of wigs that mimic the texture of kinky, coily, and tightly curled hair, influencer Freddie Harrel is setting things off for the folks with textured hair. 

Consumers need to understand that this hair whether human or synthetic needs to be taken care of as the market for wigs and extensions continues to grow. Lopez then notes that they learn that just like the hair attached to your head needs a little TLC, as people invest in human hair extensions. Refreshing and reviving hair extensions in a snap are sulfate-free hair cleansers and buttery conditioners. 

Needed to be taken care of is also the hair underneath your extensions and wigs. Especially if you are a fan of changing your hair often, be sure you are giving that hair the attention it needs. Aimed at helping you maintain your wig and the natural hair underneath, SheaMoisture is launching a hair-care product line. Available this January is the seven-piece offering including a Bonding Glue, Flyaway & Wrap Mousse, 2-in-1 Conditioner, and Detangler, Oil Shine Spray, Bond Release Spray, Scalp Soother, and Residue-Remover Shampoo

Hair Accessories

As people continue to work from home, it looks like Zoom calls will still be a thing in 2021. Hair accessories are a great way to cheat and make yourself look like your own version of presentable whether you feel your hair could use a colour touch-up or you simply don’t feel like spending too much time styling your hair in general. 

Hairstylist Sunnie Brook, who mentions the Lele Sadoughi headbands and the Lelet NY hair accessories among her favourites, says that easily changing the mundane bun or ponytail into something refreshing or covers up greasy or grown-out roots are hair accessories. At your drug store, they're also more affordable options you can find. With a number of affordable stylish options, Scunci is a blessing to the drug store.

Which offers super cute barrettes, scrunchies, clips, and more, we are particularly fond of the ongoing partnerships they have with influencer Sincerely Jules. 

When you use them strategically, hair accessories can also help maintain scalp health. Polko then notes as it will put stress on hair and lead to more loss, be aware not to tie your hair up too tight. To create the illusion of fuller hair without the tight tugging on hair follicles, she personally likes to use headbands and bigger scrunchies. 

Affordable Curl Care

There are more options than ever for curly-haired folks thanks to the natural hair revolution. Next year, they are unfolding major additions to their offerings that specifically address the breadth of curl types out there as larger drug store brands are eager to profit off this shift. Launching its first-ever curl-care collection is Nexxus. Including a pre-poo, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as a defining leave-in conditioner, is the line-up. 

With the Castor Oil& Mango Butter collection, which includes a scalp oil, anti-breakage treatment, leave-in conditioner and styler, and defining gel, Suave Professionals is adding to its options for textured hair. Comprised of shampoo, conditioner, and curl defining cream, the brand is also launching a Luscious Curls Collection. With its new Hydration Boost Scalp Tonic and Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel, Dove is also expanding its Amplified Textures line. 

Summing Up…

Here are the final words as we sign off. Take care of your hair and that is the only advice to be given. Whether it be chemical treatments or homemade DIY remedies, it is important to opt for the best-suited treatment determining the hair type and texture. With these words of advice, we have concluded the discussion. No matter what can be done, always get expert advice.

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