Hairstyle Trends- Part 3

Contemporary hairstyle ideas for the modern chic look. Get a makeover this season. Styles to remain trendy

Hairstyle Trends- Part 3

An Intro To The Hair Styles For The Season

Apart from hair color trends, hairstyles are trending in this season as more women venture out to try bold style statements. They take care of the styles to get the best modern look with a highlight and a makeover. While this helps build a good profile, there are many tips you need to know about each fashion trend. The following trends are sure to make you take the right choice. 

Gelled And Sculpted Hairstyles

Even though it is nothing new, gelled hair trends have stylists kick it up a notch., theses heavily gelled and often sculpted against the scalp in variety of interesting ways, as they remind us of tight 20s Marcelle curls as others were a brand new even futuristic way of styling hair with hair gel.

It is now that the stylist Anthony Turner can be thanked for that 1920s –meets-2920s look at J.W.Anderson. With the hair gelled and combed into thick, rigid curls framed the face and sat against the forehead and temples. Similarly gelled and sculpted was the hair at Richard Quinn, instead of Betty Boop curl models with a severe middle part extended down into the forehead. 

At Maison Margiela and Prada, the hair was parted and gelled as severely but a more natural hairline without extension into the forehead as well as at Fendi, a side-parted fringe was thickly gelled looking like a single curl against the forehead. 

Artsy Strands

Another unique way of using gel we saw on the runways was just a creative as the more sculptural hair with strands gelled and shaped against the forehead in unique ways.

Center parted hair at Prscavera with two strands were taken shaped into circles on the forehead of many of the models looking like rings while the rest was gently blow-dried and glossed. At Preen, by Thornton Bregazzi it was a single ring shape at the temple catching our attention especially because it was paired with unkempt hair.

Strands were gelled and shaped at Burberry although in much more intricate shapes looking almost like a hair tiara against forehead as the rest of the hair was pulled back in tight buns. 

Peculiar Pigtails

When we think about the hairstyle trends, cute isn’t the first word that comes to your mind even the pigtails on the runways didn’t quite fit in with this word. 

As the strands of hair in high pigtails at Alexander Wang straightened in a very piecey manner reminding the way director Lana Wachowski styles her hair, it fits in well with the matrix vibes on the runway. 

At Prada, as there was some film inspiration, the pigtail braids remind about every one of Wednesday Addams ideally matched with minimalist makeup. At Junya Watanabe, the super exaggerated pigtail wigs come to mind as an extra unique take on what the cutesy style has to be. 

Twisted Buns

With a twisted bun comes a great little hairdo to learn to achieve as it looks like so much time and effort were spend, whereas it is super easy to create. With dozens of models at a busy fashion show, it is the kind of look the hairstylists prefer. 

At Brandon Maxwell, one strand of hair was twisted t create a variety of seemingly complex buns that had a slightly narrower shape than is typical. Whereas at Richard Quinn, it was formed out of a braid twisted into a spiral and pinned in place offering a fairly neutral counterpoint to the very extreme way the front was styled. 

Recently at Valentino, simply twisted buns sat at the center of the crown working well with the ballerina-esque look of the collection featuring a lot of tulles and soft see-through fabrics in feminine silhouettes. The delicate twisted buns at the Self-Portrait and Brock Collection were even more loved. 


As they continue to astound us on the runways, braids, as well as small braids, were super common and it was all about long plaits falling down the back with the exception being the Wednesday Addams-esque double braids at Prada with small braids twisted into a bun under berets at House Of Holland. 

At Roberta Einer, the big braid falling down the back was even embellished with a colorful scarf threaded in along with the locks. At Max Mara, it was all about single, thick braid started fairly high on the crown and fell down the back. Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson, and Thom Browne are other runways featuring single braid looks. 

Concluding The Discussion With A Take On The Curls

The curly hair pinned behind the ear and the joyful way the models strutted down the runway seemed to imply that they were big fans of the look at Staud. Disco curls at Micheal Kors are the talk of the town whereas both Cher and Diana Ross have been envious of the large curls the hair was styled into on the 70s inspired runway. 

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