Hair Irons That Work Well With Your Hair

What type of hair irons work well for you? Get to know the different kinds of hair irons. Get that stunning hairstyles.

Hair Irons That Work Well With Your Hair

Infrashine Hair Flat Irons 

Putting an end to years of heat styling causing damage and dryness to the hair, ceramic technology has brought benefits of the longer-lasting results along with less damage to the hair. For better and faster results, styling tools make the hair look more healthy. It is truly groundbreaking to the professional hair styling community, which the ceramic technology has made quite an impact since.

This innovative discovery required the setup of a company dedicated solely to bring novel ideas in hair care addressing consumer needs and addressing hair health. It required companies with the experience behind it to know what the hair needs. This kind of ceramic technology was brought about by Infrashine, which is a leading styling tool brand serving the professional stylist market.

Using ceramic technology, Infrashine flat irons use ceramic technology to deliver the most concentrated and effective heat to the hair. This is done with the help of negative ions created to help distribute heat evenly over every hair’s surface so that hair can be completely straightened and smoothed out with a single pass. They need not go over the hair several times causing more damage as you tug at the hair overheating it. It delivers silky smooth results faster and with great ease. These kinds of Infrashine flat irons heat up quickly and stays hot. To serve any length, texture, or style, their cushioned paddles come in ½ inch, 1 inch, and 2-inch sizes. The flat iron comes with a perfect balance of heat enabling users to not only make the hair pin-straight but also put waves and flips in the hair with a quick flip of the wrist.

Made with sealed components, all Infrashine hair irons can be used on damp hair as well as dry hair with ideal tools for professional hairstylists using flat irons on several clients a day. These irons are also used in many salons accelerating and improving chemical processes such as straightening treatments.

Focusing on innovation and quality, Infrashine has earned great recognition in several beauty publications and blogs. In the areas of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers alike, they continue to consistently bring new ideas to market. 

CHI Flat Irons 

Yet another way we see the technology making things better, hair styling tools combine a little bit of science with top quality materials, CHI flat irons offer both professional hairdressers and at home users a way to create great-looking hair quicker and easier than before. As they come constructed out of the best materials, they offer the latest technology in styling and chi products are considered high-end products producing results to back that up. Most of the consumers end up purchasing a CHI product even with the vast selection of styling tools in the market today.

The products carrying the CHI name are made with CHI 44 ceramic, with specific material producing the longest frequency of infrared spectrum called far-infrared. Far infrared because of its ionic charge can dry hair from the inside out penetrating up to 4cms inside the hair while also using the material in CHI flat irons enabling them to straighten hair faster from inside out leaving it smooth and silky not frizzy and damaged.

The one company is Farouk systems, that thinks beyond the hair and also are about consumers and professionals using their products. They offer only ammonia-free color and lighteners on the market giving that hair coloring experience more pleasant and hair stays healthier without exposure to ammonia. Nanosilver is another revelation in the styling product world, being introduced to the CHI flat iron line as well as CHI professional gear. This introduction of nanosilver creates tools that sterilize themselves. This helps in killing bacteria which is another reason why CHI products find themselves in the number one spot. 

To Wrap Up This Discussion 

CHI is often featured with special or limited additional tools. They mostly appeal to the huge consumer market they target. With products like holiday white dazzle and pink breast cancer awareness that are two limited addition chi flat irons, on the market, these products are often bundled with products like nail polish, combs, clips, or styling products, limited additions, giving ideal opportunity to try out other CHI products as they make great gifts too. Are you searching for an upgrade for your flat iron, or are you trying a new straight hair look, these CHI flat irons offer a nice combination of professional quality as well as user-friendliness catering to everyone. 

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