Going For Gorgeous Mane? Get Bombshell Hair With These Tips!

Tips on healthy hair. Add volume. Add confidence.

Going For Gorgeous Mane? Get Bombshell Hair With These Tips!

How Can You Grow Thick And Strong Hair?

1. Volume Is The Name Of The Game: 

It is easy to blow some volume into your hair and for that tousled look switch to cool setting on blow dryer once the hair is dry, flip the head over and jus blow for a few minutes all over. As you get air pockets between the strands, it makes your hair look extra full with a chunky look of hair. 

2. Who Wants Dull Locks? 

Is it good news or the bad news first? For shiny hair, only a little discomfort comes with this method while it truly does work. Apply conditioner to ends only after shampooing and rinsing and leave on for a minute. With a cold water rinse the conditioner out. Cold water closes the hair cuticles as they lie flat and reflect lighter leaving you with smooth shiny hair. Notice the difference as you try it once. 

3. Yes, Mother:

What helps the most is good nutrition, adequate sleep, and enough water. It is a truth even if it’s not heard, whereas a stylist can identify if you haven’t been drinking enough water. Great foods like nuts, and wheat germ, both having biotin helps nourish the hair with a nutrient that makes hair strong and resilient. Eat meat twice a week in case you don’t have high cholesterol, as it has protein, b vitamins, zinc and iron which are vital minerals for healthy hair. In case you are a vegetarian, try having egg whites instead. 

4. Hit The Sheets With A Wet Head: 

To get wavy hair without frizz, go to bed with your hair wet, like tossing and turning and just laying head on the pillow helps flatten out frizz giving you an incredible wavy texture.

Pull your hair up on top of the head and put it in a ponytail, if you are uncomfortable with wet hair at bedtime. This makes it easy to sleep on whereas the volume created is unbelievable. 

5. Zig Zag It:

Get a new cut in case you are in a rut. Fresh cuts readily make all difference as uncut hair is drab, heavy and flat. As hair grows faster find the hairstyle you like and book an appointment with your stylist and have a consultation. 

Consider zig-zag scissors as texturizing scissors give the hair oomph, add body, create fabulous tousled bed- head look adding weightless layers into the hair especially around the face. There is nothing to be scared about using zig-zag scissors. 

6. Come-Hither:

Forget about getting short bangs right across the front of the head, but instead, get long wispy bangs that come as a bombshell. Curl those locks, not too tightly but to whichever side you like and lightly spritz them to stay in place. 

7. Do You Have All The Right Stuff?:

With the right products or hair type, switch them and if the hair looks flat like glued to the head, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to thicken each strand using polymers. Feeling dry or brittle? Use the moisturizing technique with extra cleansing or clarifying shampoo to rid hair from oily or leftover styling products that stick to the hair causing it to be heavy. Use these shampoos only once a week.

8. How Many Hair-Brushes Should You Have, You Ask?

The answer is absolute no. Avoid using a brush on wet hair as it causes breakage, using a wide-tooth comb instead helps to style the hair, lightly spritz it with natural hold hairspray. Shake it out by doing the flip or run hands through the hair to shake it up a bit. 

9. Work With What Your Mamma Gave Ya:

We are born with a certain number of hair follicles making us work with what we have. As new follicles never develop after you are born, meaning once a follicle is completely removed, it doesn’t come back. Using the above tips work with the head of hair you have, being sure to put on an attitude of the gorgeous chic you are. 

One Last Tidbit:

Surely, mother knows best. Stand straight and tall making you look taller, thinner, and confident. That haircut is worth every penny making you appear younger by brightening up the eyes and face. Show confidence as it’s the ultimate beauty secret being the glamorous girl giving off an aura of self-assurance and a sense of calm. 

For the ultimate, believe in living your dreams, taking the risk, going for broke, speaking up, trusting the instincts and finally loving yourself. 

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