Further On Getting To Know These Genius Beauty Hacks The Royals Use And Looks Flawless- Part 2

We move on to the next part of tips from the royal ladies. It is sure to help you have this kind of bits of advice. So get the best tips from the experts themselves.

Further On Getting To Know These Genius Beauty Hacks The Royals Use And Looks Flawless- Part 2

For A Good Look, Work Mascara Into The Roots Of Your Lashes

As Greenwell states, Princess Diana didn’t just swipe the brush and go but she was always taught to make sure when applying mascara herself, she covered the roots of the lashes too starting in the corner of the eye and working across before brushing it through as she advises. 

Get The Look With A Spritz On A Texturizing Spray

With the easiest in-between blowouts fix, Meghan Markle shared that there is nothing like the hair flip and the hair begin felt a little weighted, Suanne the hair artist has her bend forward as she sprays a little Oribe Dry Texturising Spray or else nothing at all and then she makes her flip back hard giving the hair a little extra bounce. 

When Unsure, Use A Gel Liner For A Perfectly Smudged Smokey Eye

Known to be using Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink Kate Middleton creates just the right amount of smolder. 

Remember Not To Skip Primer

In Meghan Markle’s makeup bag the Count Laura Mercier Primer is a mainstay and as Markle reveals she doesn’t wear foundation unless she is filming and so that is what she puts on every day after moisturiser giving her skin a dewy glow as it is not sparkly but true to its name illuminating. 

Brush The Bronzer Only On The Outside Of Your Face

You will need a big brush to get the Princess Diana’s natural-looking glow and as Greenwell advises make sure the first sweeping highlighter is on the cheekbones with a contour colour underneath and after that applying blush on the apples of the cheeks as the bronzer is along the outside of your face near ears and hairline. 

For Better Look, You Can Skip The Falsies

Looking fantastic even without any additions are Meghan’s lashes as she says the favourite mascara is Diorshow Iconic. 

Apply What Comes To Be A Heavy-Duty Moisturizer

Holding a Royal Warrant as the Manufacturers of Cosmetics, by appointment to Her Majesty is Elizabeth Arden as the palace doesn’t reveal what are the exact products going into the Queen’s routine as the warrant does highlight the brand’s Eight Hour moisturisers as iconic. 

It Adds As You Go Light On Foundation

Markle advises to apply foundations to only the spots where you need it and she never wanted to cover the freckles as they just do a wash of foundation in certain sections instead of over the entire face. Also, she comments not to use the brush to apply it like the Duchess of Sussex prefers what is a sponge-like beauty blender for the streak-free application. 

Using The Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Having something to do with her impossible shine Richard Ward, the Duchess’s hairstylist has his Cleanse and Condition sulfate-free shampoo featuring botanical ingredients keeping the hair moisturised and healthy and you don’t even need to visit the London salon for the bottle. 

For Better Results, Slip A Bottle Of Tea Tree Oil In Your Bag

As a major multitasker, the travel kit is currently missing tea tree oil and according to Markle, it is just not the most glamorous thing but in case you get a cut, a mosquito bite, or a small breakout no matter what it is it’s her little cure-all. Though it was inexpensive it is small enough to carry on bringing it with her all time. 

Now Don't Match Your Eyeliner To Your Eyes

Initially favouring bold blue pencils to the rim of her eyes, Princess Diana was steered toward softer beige and brown eyeliners by Greenwell after meeting her at Vogue photoshoot in 1991. As Greenwell says, the only thing that was changed most about Princess Diana was her look that was actually moved away from the blueliner as it was very aging for her.  

Eliminate That Shine With Finishing Powder

By brushing on a little Makeup For Ever HD Powder, find the middle ground between an oily sheen and a caked-on goop that lets the skin look shiny and fresh but not greasy-shiny as told by Markle. 

For More, Create Your Own Lip Colour

The custom lipstick becomes one of the perks of being the Queen and as Clarins come creating a special shade for the Queen in 1952, to match the coronation robes, she doesn’t necessarily wear blue-red hues very often whereas brands like Bite Beauty and Finding Ferdinand has currently offered bespoke shades for the surprisingly non-royal prices. 

It Helps To Blend Your Eyeliner With A Q-Tip

Greenwell adds with a cotton bud, soften the harsh line as she wanted to have Princess Diana a very soft eye that is very workable whereas it is never too much as she reveals. 

Finally, Pamper Yourself With A Mini Facial

Try a little Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder When it comes to treating yo’ self and as Markle reveals it sort of foams on the face giving you the subtle exfoliation. Does it sound magical? 

The Conclusion

The list is never-ending of course, but we sign off here. Until next time goodbye.  

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