A Writeup On How Diabetes Causes Hair Loss – Part 1 

Diabetes affects the hairline. What are the reasons and remedies? Here is the full information on the causes and treatments. 

A Writeup On How Diabetes Causes Hair Loss – Part 1 

Effect Of Diabetes On The Hair

A range of symptoms and health issues including hair loss may be caused by diabetes. Good blood sugar control may however help reverse the effects of hair loss. 

A natural part of hair’s life cycle is hair loss. It will fall out when hair reaches the final stage of the cycle. To replace it, a new hair will typically grow from the same hair follicle. A new hair may fail to form at times though. the hair loss can be noticeable if there are large areas of the scalp in which new hairs do not appear. 

Affecting hair growth are many factors including stress, hormones, high blood sugar levels as well as underlying health conditions like diabetes.

Here we take you through a discussion of how diabetes can affect the hair explaining the treatment options for hair loss. It also includes the effects that diabetes can have on a person’s body. 

Can Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

Surely diabetes can affect hair growth. As it can have the following effects on the growth cycle of the hair, diabetes can cause hair thinning and hair loss in some people 

  • Effect of impairing hair growth
  • Then causing more hair to grow than normal
  • Thereby stopping new hair from forming

The most common causes of hair loss include those below where several different factors may cause a person with diabetes to lose hair. 

High Blood Sugar Levels

Resulting in a person’s blood sugar levels become too high, are uncontrolled or untreated diabetes. Leading to damage in various tissues, organs, and blood vessels within the body is persistently high blood sugar levels. 

Restricting blood flow resulting in certain cells getting less oxygen as well as nutrients that they need is the damage to blood vessels. Negatively impacting the normal growth cycle of hair follicles that can lead to hair loss is this deficiency. 

Hormones And Stress

Both physical and emotional, diabetes can put a great deal of stress on the person’s body. Affecting hair growth, persistent stress can cause hormone fluctuations. 

Alopecia Areata

A condition in which the immune system begins to attack healthy hair follicles by mistake is Alopecia Areata. To develop alopecia areata, people with type 1 diabetes are more likely than people without this condition.

It is found that alopecia areata causes patchy hair loss on the head, arms, as well as areas of the body where hair usually grows. 

Is Hair Loss From Diabetes Reversible?

Helping relieve stress as well as control blood sugar levels, is regular exercise. 

Hair loss is reversible in some cases. While there are several treatments available, there is a difference between those seen in males and females. Most of them are temporary solutions that only work while a person is using them even when hair loss treatments are effective. 

Resulting from diabetes some people can slow or stop hair loss. 

Maintaining good control of blood sugar levels and managing stress is the most effective way to do this. 

These are the ways a person can control their blood sugar:

  • Effectively monitoring their blood sugar levels regularly
  • Thereby taking all medications as their doctor directs
  • By eating a balanced and healthful diet
  • By exercising regularly

Here are those strategies where an individual minimises and manage stress

  • Helps to seek the support of friends and family
  • Try having counseling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Good practicing mindfulness
  • Try using relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and deep-breathing exercises

The Continuation On Treatments For Hair Loss Due To Diabetes

Diabetes is a known cause of hair loss. Whatever be the pattern, there are few medications available for the treatment of this type of hair loss. 

The best remedy still remains to be the control of blood sugar. When the blood sugar levels are contained, the hair loss process is reversed. Hence the easiest way to counter hair loss is by just making the sugar level in the blood under control. 

Reversing the effect of diabetes can be done with the help of counselling sessions that help to do away with the social stigma attached to hair loss. Relaxation techniques help quieten the mind when applied effectively as the mind lifts off the depressing thoughts of being diabetic. 

Tension and stress affect the hairline negatively. Hence it is suggested to keep the mind calm and stay happy while you are fighting off the special case of diabetes and its aftereffects.  

For more tips on maintaining the hair while dealing with diabetes is emphasised in the next post. So here we are signing off for a few moments before we bring you the rest of the post. 

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