A Few Of Those Embarrassing Beauty Questions – Part 2

Finally, there is more to know about how to keep your body fit, healthy, and beautiful. When we outline them here this is a discussion including all the aspects. So, read on and you are likely to know all about them.

A Few Of Those Embarrassing Beauty Questions – Part 2

How Can I Soften Callused Feet?

On the heels and balls of their feet, most people have calluses. To protect your feet from the pressure of walking are the thick layers of dead skin. Whereas it is possible that you may not like the sight of rough yellowish heels peeking out of your sandals. To remove some of the dead skin, soak your feet in hot water and scrub with a pumice stone. Helping soften calluses are glycolic acid lotions and creams. 

Why Do My Nails Split And Fray?

Your nails may split, peel or become brittle if your hands are often in water especially if you use strong soap. When washing dishes, use a moisturiser, and wear gloves. Helping strengthen your nails are the over-the-counter supplemental Biotin tablets in a dosage of 5,000 micrograms daily. If your nails change colour and then break or crumble, a fungal infection could be the problem. You may need prescription pills or a nail lacquer from your doctor to treat the infection in that case. Helping dry up nail fungus is original amber Listerine soaks. 

Why Do I Sweat So Much?

So that you don’t overheat, sweat cools your body. Talk to your doctor to find out why if you tend to sweat while sitting calmly in a cool room. Hyperhidrosis is one possible cause. It can cause pools of sweat under the arms and on the palms and soles of your feet as it's harmless but annoying. Other treatment options include prescription antiperspirants, pills, or even Botox. 

Help, I'm Losing My Hair!

More common than you think is hair loss in women. 40% of people with hair loss include women. Hormone or thyroid problems, pregnancy, and certain medicines are some of the most common causes. To rub into the scalp or pills to address hormonal problems may be prescribed by a doctor. 

Why Do My Feet Stink?

Foot odour can be stubborn even if you shower regularly. A favourite hangout for odour causing bacteria is the soles of the feet. You get that familiar foot stench when sweat mixes with the bacteria. Especially tennis shoes and boots keep feet dry and so don’t wear shoes that make your feet sweat. After every use wash the socks. Are you still having stinky shoes? Then you can try a deodoriser. 

How Can I Soften Chapped Lips?

For your peeling lips blame dry air. Making them sensitive as well as rough looking, it can cause tiny cracks o your skin. It only makes them more chapped and so don’t lick your lips. Use a lip balm made with petroleum jelly, castor seed oil, or shea butter instead. Protecting lips from the elements, this will seal in moisture. Therefore, look for the one with SPF 30. Drying your lips more are the sun’s damaging rays

Why Do I Have Spider Veins?

So now are you a teacher, nurse, or a sales clerk? More likely to develop spider veins are women with jobs that keep them on their feet. Boosting your risk is obesity, pregnancy, and genetics. You don’t have to live with the look as spider veins usually don’t need treatment. Involving injecting saline or sugar solutions directly into the veins in a doctor’s office to make the veins fade away is sclerotherapy. Several sessions are needed usually mostly 6 weeks apart as support stockings are recommended for at least the first week or two for each treatment. Helping prevent the appearance of spider veins in the first place are support stockings. 

Should I Worry About Skin Tags?

Tiny balls of tissue that sprout along the neck, chest, back, armpits, and upper thigh/groin area are skin tags. Getting them most often are overweight and elderly people. Skin tags are not dangerous while they occasionally become irritated. A dermatologist can remove them in an office visit by freezing, snipping, or burning them off if the appearance bothers you. 

Lastly, What Makes My Neck Age So Fast?

You may have extra skin hanging around the neck if you have lost a lot of weight. While it is often observed that as you get older, the skin has thinned, or if you have lost some underlying collagen as the muscles have loosened as also maybe you have gained a double chin. When your neck looks older than your face, it can all add up to deep neck furrows. By avoiding the sun and using sunscreen daily, slow down, and reverse some signs of aging. Helping this are Botox injections, topical prescription retinoid creams, lasers, and broad-band light devices. A neck lift is also an option for a more dramatic change.

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