What Are The Different Ways To Highlight Your Hair? – Part 2

With the rest of the highlights, we introduce you to many ways you can get them. How does it influence your look and confidence? Ge to know all about highlights for your hair.

What Are The Different Ways To Highlight Your Hair? – Part 2

Jamie Chung: Bronde Variety

Working for Jamie Chung because the darker base keeps it natural-looking for her skin tone and rich, dark eye colour, is this colour combo which is medium golden-blonde hair with deep chocolate roots and golden face-framing pieces. Elisabeth Leary, founder and creative director of Whiteroom in Brooklyn, says helping to give her face lightness without washing her out, the brighter bits around her face and through the ends that are now adding to the natural highlights in what is her skin tone. 

Try using Christophe Robin Regenerating Shampoo and Mask with star ingredient prickly pear seed oil to maintain a colour like this. Adding shine while heat-styling, David Mallett Hair Serum helps maintain moisture. 

Kerry Washington: Chunky Gold Pieces

Kerry Washington’s is a bit bolder and lighter as her highlights here are similar to Miranda Kerr’s tone-wise. She has chunkier neutral-gold pieces woven through her hair is the main difference. As Brown says, helping keep the hair looking shiny adds a lot of depth. As she has a lot of hair, there’s no need for the fullness. This will help give the illusion that you do in case you don’t have one. 

Leona Lewis: Beachy-Blonde Highlights

Just as good as a beach holiday, there is really nothing else. You can fake that vacay look with your hair if you don’t have the time or the funds. For example, take Leona Lewis’s beachy blonde highlights. As Hazan says, helping to add depth and working well with her olive skin and curly texture is this golden blonde colour balanced with her dark roots. 

Margot Robbie: Golden Ice Ombré

All the more reason to try it yourself, this high contrast ombre on Margot Robbie has a burst of brightness that’s super low maintenance. Colourist Guy Tang, the creator of #mydentity says enhancing her eyes, this summertime look works year-around. Helping maintain brightness on the mids and ends of a look like this, Tang also advises that a good purple shampoo like this customisable one from Function of Beauty is. 

Michelle Obama: Dimensional Brown Highlights

Of Michelle Obama’s hair, Tang says giving dimensions is pops of lightness. Adding fullness and body are these cool tones with a textured cut. Helping enhance the shape of her face are these piecey bangs additionally. Try Alterna Caviar Perfect Texture Spray to add fullness. Wash with a colour safe shampoo and conditioners like the Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Colour Shampoo and its Best of Beauty-winning sister conditioner to maintain the highlights. 

Kate Beckinsale: Honey Blonde with Warm Tones

The key for people with olive skin tones who want to go lighter is keeping your base colour darker. As Hazan says, adding dimension is Kate’s warm honey and caramel tones brightening her colour. 

Miley Cyrus: High-Contrast Hues

Staying rather consistent with her hair colour, Miley Cyrus habitually changes up her look. In some version of highlighted blonde, it’s pretty much always dyed. Playing well against the darker strands throughout is the high-contrast golden hues she is working with here. Most likely the refreshed graduated version of her Hannah Montana hair is this. Hazan who recommends two products from her own brand, Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy, and Triple Threat Split End Remedy, says she can certainly pull it off as this is an edgy look and as she has blue eyes and a neutral skin tone, she can go very blonde. 

Olivia Wilde: Bright Ends

Are you confused about deciding between brunette or blonde? With an ombre look, you can have the best of both worlds. Gradually fading to a bright blonde at the ends is here, Olivia Wilde’s dark shade of brown hair. Accentuating the colour, even more, is the thickness and piecey texture of her hair. According to Hazan, working well with her light eyes and dark roots is a cooler blonde. Use a purple shampoo to keep the hue looking fresh. 

Ruby Rose: Blended Caramel Highlights

Brightening up her face and making her light-green eyes really stand out is Ruby Rose’s warm caramel highlights. As Brown says, there’s not too much of it, and it's rooted or ombred, as this colour works well. The highlights can look brassy when you have too many caramel tones. 

Sabrina Carpenter: Platinum-Blonde Pieces

Cheryl Roberts, the colourist at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, says while the sprinkles of blonde throughout the top give a more natural look and allow for a softer grow-out, the bright face-framing colour accentuates Sabrina’s eyes and eyebrows. As for the brighter spots of platinum, if the hair is too fine, it can look hazy and dull, additionally, it works well with her thick, wavy texture. As long as you have some good at-home care, this look is pretty low maintenance. 

To strengthen and protect a colour like this Roberts recommends alternating between the Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Unite Blonde Toning Shampoo with Unite 7 Seconds Masque 

Jennifer Aniston: Golden-Blonde Highlights

Ranging from a very light blonde with a sparkle of gold to an almost clear bright blonde in sections throughout is Jennifer Aniston’s highlights. As Leary says, complementing her naturally dark-blonde, sandy base, and the warmth in her skin tone are these tones. To help maintain the tone while getting a decent cleanse for finer blonde hair she suggests the Sachajuan Colour Protect Shampoo. You can even use it once a week as a hydrating mask adding a dollop of the Sachajuan Hair Repair as a daily conditioner. To maintain moisture and shine finish with Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Cream on the ends of dry hair.                  

Laura Dern: Mixed Tones

The shade of this Big Little Lies star’s hair is what Pinterest boards are made for which is somewhere between strawberry-blonde and bronde. Adding interest to an otherwise ordinary solid shade the subtle accents of lightness throughout brighten up her fair skin tone. According to Hazan, the hair colour helps her stay light but has warm tones at the same time as she has pale skin with blue eyes. Giving her texture movement, her colour is multidimensional.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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