What Are The Different Ways To Highlight Your Hair? – Part 1

Highlighting your hair lifts it. How are the highlights working to make your hair shine? We explain here some of the most common highlights.

What Are The Different Ways To Highlight Your Hair? – Part 1

Get Inspired For Your Next Dye Job.

It comes to be that highlights never are a thing. They occur naturally in many hair colours for one. To freshen up your look without as much commitment as say a full-on dye job, they are also a tried-and-true way. Making thinner strands appear a bit thicker are these strategically placed highlights. Being a source of indecision for anyone who wants them is the most wonderful thing about highlights as it comes to be their versatility. 

How in the heck are you supposed to choose which highlights to get with so many options? In this case, where should it be concentrated? Are you going with a more subtle look throughout or do you do chunky highlights? Think about the hair colour you have or want and consult with your colourist to see what would work for your hue, texture, and lifestyle before you make a decision. 

A little inspiration is definitely needed most importantly. Just ask any of the colourists we hit up to break down these 21 different highlight jobs seen on some of your favourite celebrities and there’s plenty to go around. 

We are sure you will find something you will want to bring to your colourist ASAP is what we are really trying to say is. 

Miranda Kerr: Subtle Neutral Ombré

With these golden, face-framing pieces, model and Kora Organics founder Miranda Kerr’s hair has just a hint of brightness. Stephanie Brown, a colourist at IGK Salon SoHo in New York City, says helping add shine gives dimension to her hair. As it goes with both pink/red undertones and blue/olive undertones neutral gold works on most skin tones. 

Beyoncé: Bold Brunette Panels

Going perfectly with her glowy skin tone and her gold dress too is the placement of these chunky brown highlights on Beyonce. Rachel Bodt, hair colour queen at Mynd Salon & Spa in New York City, says which makes it modern and fresh she absolutely loves this colour as the bold panels are more on the middle and end. It would look dated if it was at her roots. The May 11 Hair Oil which smooths and provides moisture is one of Bodt’s favourite products for colour. 

Chrissy Teigen: Baby Golden Highlights

Having a great impact are small changes. With soft, golden caramel-coloured hair and baby golden highlights mixed in, Chrissy Teigen proves this theory. As Bodt says, as it is not overly warm and not overly cool this is great on her. It makes her look glowing as it’s almost neutral to warm which is great as it doesn’t clash with her olive skin tone. 

As you can see the dimension, the highlights also embrace the beachy texture of her hair creating total magic. 

Ciara: Warm, Reddish-Copper Tones

Colourist Rita Hazan, who has worked with Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, J.Lo, and more says that she wears rich brunette colours well since Ciara’s skin tone has some warmth to it. Anchoring the look and giving her depth where she needs it is Ciara’s mixture of dark brown against the copper. 

Try the Virtue Split End Serum to keep the strands of your highlighted hair in tip-top shape. Helping to prevent breakage it revives broken hair and split ends as well. 

Gemma Chan: Sun-Kissed Ends

Complementing her naturally-dark roots the addition of the caramel hues gives Gemma Chan’s hair that sun-kissed feel. Morgan Parks, colourist at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles is of the opinion that adding the perfect glow to her fair skin, warmer tones help reflect light. Using a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner like the ones from Oribe’s Beautiful Colour line helps the longevity of your colour and enhances the shine while maintaining rich highlights can be tricky. 

Sofia Vergara: Caramel Contrast

Having some seriously classic highlights here is Sofia Vergara. As Bodt then says, the warm beige doesn’t make her look brassy or overly warm as it works well on her because she has olive-yellow undertones. There is always excess warmth that can pop through when lifting dark hair. To cancel any unwanted tones or add more tones they love using custom colour shampoo and conditioners like Evo Fabulouso. 

Karlie Kloss: Butter Blonde

Thanks to her highlights, Karlie Kloss’s hair looks super bright here. As Bodt then says she really loves the soft, buttery, baby blonde. It really warms her complexion up with her neutral skin tone. It is not an overwhelming blonde as this also works because the subtle soft roots and natural lowlights break it up. 

Bodt suggests using the Virtue Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower for maintenance. Reach for the Oribe Balm D'Or to protect your precious strands from the high temperature if you are heat styling. 

Issa Rae: Mocha Ombré

Simply stunning is the two-tone contrast of Issa Rae’s amber and soft copper highlights. As Bodt says, making her hair appear lighter all over, the combination of highs and lows adds a lot of impact to her curls. It is important to use products that help the curl pattern come back when lifting curly or highly textured hair. From the steps that get added to the colour to the aftercare, because it's reparative, she loves the whole Olaplex line. 

Priyanka Chopra: Classic with a Twist

Still reading classic brunette is the deep whiskey, chunky highlights placed throughout Priyanka Chopra’s hair cut through her dark strands. According to Bodt, as it is not overly warm or light this really works on her skin tone. 

She continues on that as it can be more open to getting dingy or brassy when lifting dark hair. To remove those minerals, she loves using apple cider vinegar rinses as R+Co Acid Wash used before shampoo and conditioner

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