Try These Stylish New Summer Hair Colours This Season- Part 2

The continued write up introduces more hair colours. Especially in summer, you can get to try the hands-on experience of colouring your hair. Stay tuned for more. 

Try These Stylish New Summer Hair Colours This Season- Part 2

Vibrant Red

As a celebrity stylist and #Mydentity founder Guy Tang says, summer comes with everything bright and vibrant colours. If you want something more understated try matching Madelaine Petsch’s red hair, whereas he thinks bold yellows and fiery reds will start popping up. 

Bright Blonde

Making us want summer to start now is Carrie Underwood’s ACM Awards style and Danielle Lint the expert colourist at Warren Tricomi Salons, says, the spring and summer get closer and people are going to lighten the colours as they have now by a few shades. Hereafter we are sure to see bright blondes with baby highlights. 


Knowing a thing or two about maintaining fresh and flirty locks is Lauren Conrad with a dramatic look just like that. Try Conrad’s version with a brunette to blond gradient if a total platinum look is too bold for you. 

Dark Roots

Like Ashley Tisdale, if you are a natural brunette where she went blonde for High School Musical, it is still possible to lighten the locks without bleaching your hair. Giving you a summer-friendly buttery blonde is a subtle gradient-like Tisdale’s while staying true to your natural roots. 


Add subtle caramel highlights like Chrissy Teigen in case you want to take the brown locks up a few notches without going for a complete overhaul. In case you are worried about maintenance, use the scarf, bandana, or the wide headband covering overgrown roots. 

Rose Gold

As the saying goes, all that glitters is rose gold. Inspired by model Iskra Lawrence, lean into the latest colour trend adding subtle rosy hues into the blonde hair for the fun summer look. 


This bronde style softens a dark base with honey tones, that is perfect for women with naturally dark hair who want some levity and the world is never going to know if you just walked out of the salon or took a vacation in the south of France. 

Neutral Blonde

Are you interested to know how Nicole Kidman’s hair and skin tone seemed to blend together? Then, that is the effect of neutral or nude hair while it is just not an optical illusion. It is better that you keep in mind that in case you get some colour throughout the summer, this is surely taking away from the monochromatic style. 


Blorange is a pared-down way to transition into the rainbow hairstyle that is not quite blonde and not quite tangerine. Making it the ideal summertime shade, it is essentially the colour of sunshine. 


Babylights are the solution when you kinda want a change but are wary of the upkeep and thinking of them as micro-brighteners they come thin, strategically placed highlights just a shade or two lighter than the natural colour. 

Strawberry Blonde

A forever summer favourite, the most accessible on the orange spectrum is strawberry blonde. A round of blonde hand-painted highlights if you are a natural redhead makes it look as if you are wearing a halo. 


With colourful dipped tips, let your hair make a statement keeping the natural colour intact giving the end of the hair a little love with shades of blue, purple, pink as the list goes on. There is no harm and no foul in case you hate it and you can always give your hair a little chop. 


Pearlescent hair a.k.a opalescent hair is a cool style that works for virtually any shade of blonde inspired by the shimmering neutral shades of the ocean’s prettiest jewel. Though you have to be prepared for some extra time in your colourist’s chair as they have to strip the hair of warmth to get to Michelle William’s level. 

True Gold

This one is for you in case blondes are looking to go just a bit warmer as temps rise and offering a lovely contrast against the fair skin is without being brassy, rich yellow-gold hues. 

The Conclusion On The Discussion

The summer is full of colours. So this season try out the various colours for your hair and indulge in a little fun and frolic as you play with colours, shades, and hues. It helps as it comes with expert advice and experience of the colourists. When trying the trade at home, you can further make sure there are many of the shades available in the market. So now put on your thinking cap to do a little math promoting the best colour for your hair. 

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