Some Of The Top Natural Haircare Trends- Part 1 

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Some Of The Top Natural Haircare Trends- Part 1 

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Starting with a look at the top haircare trends we feel are of great interest, here we are focusing on natural hair care. We are seeing that haircare is set to experience a global surge with our fingers on the pulse of the trends in the cosmetics’ industry. The global haircare market is expected to reach USD 105.3 billion by 2024 thereby forecasting an annual growth rate of 3.0% between 2015-2024 according to the latest Hair Future Forecast from Pretty Analytics, coming to be the best global beauty industry research firm. 

This is good news for our global student community, Pretty Analytics says that emerging markets are set for the largest growth in the haircare products’ market. To start formulating advanced organic haircare products, this could be the year. 

What do they mean in terms of new products, consumer preferences, and habits, and to the haircare market in your part of the world while market growth figures are all very well? We have compiled an overview of the main trends we feel the natural organic formulator can exploit to help make sense of the haircare sector. 

Niches Of Haircare

To our tend choices, firstly a bit of the background. Haircare is showing a new depth and breadth of niche products and mirroring trends previously seen only in skincare is what is interesting. We use shampoos, conditioners and colourants typically. We are seeing the haircare product market diversify with speed as it starts catering to an array of niches now though and playing catch up to the decades-old trends in skincare. 

We are seeing natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly haircare products come to the fore predictably in line with the rise of the eco-conscious consumer. Whether of age, ethnicity, environment, and lifestyle, other niches have emerged to meet consumer individuality and diversity.

Focussing on issues such as hair loss, scalp irritation, and general scalp wellbeing is another key niche area that is of hair products designed to help us deal with head and hair wellness. 

That many of the so-called trends target customer groups and profiles that have always existed but until now have been largely overlooked by the mainstream beauty industry is what’s worth pointing out. Considering themselves trending consumers as we doubt someone who has always required halal-compliant cosmetics or women of colour who need specific hair products. 

Let’s look at our top selection of haircare trends we feel the natural formulator should watch out for with that in mind. 

Scalp Health

The research house is predicting a 100% increase from 2017 to 2018 and according to Pretty Analytics, there was an 87.5% increase in web content covering the topic of scalp care between 2016 and 2017. Such as hair loss and irritation we are looking for answers and products to resolve a range of scalp health issues. 

To tackle these issues, in parallel, innovative hair care products are being created. For overall scalp well-being as well as post-shampoo oils, mists, and serums, we have seen everything from pre-shampoo masks to scalp massage treatments and tools. 

Especially as some products and regimens we have noticed are treating the scalp holistically and promoting a sense of relaxation not just immediate scalp and hair solutions, the opportunities to then create natural products that help promote scalp health which is immense. As the new product lines can be niches of those categories too we aren’t necessarily abandoning the need for products that address typical issues such as dry or oily hair or dandruff. 

Diversity Is Having Its Day

Aimed at the diversity of consumers, it's only fairly recently that we have seen a rise in colour cosmetics. Its 40 shades of foundation showing that there are dollars in diversity as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty that launched in autumn 2018 was an overnight cosmetic industry sensation. 

By creating both haircare and styling products to suit myriad customer profiles, the haircare industry is catching up quickly. Brands are catering also to our natural hair whatever its structure from fine and straight to thick and wavy as haircare diversity isn’t only related to ethnicity. 

We are seeing men’s haircare and beard care products on the rise along with those targeting hair and scalp issues that can be caused post-partum or during menopause as age and gender are also being addressed. 

We Discuss More Factors In The Next Part. 

As haircare is of utmost importance, we have here the best of all the worlds. Take into consideration these facts and you are sure to have healthy hair naturally. So why not consider these tips and enjoy luscious mane just as we are making use of the best products for your hair. Give them a try and you are sure to be overwhelmed by their effects on your hair. So, we suggest you keep reading and get to know all of it. Here we go!!!

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