Shag Haircuts That Look Great On Everyone, Know More On Them- Part 2

The styles go beyond your imaginations. Shags are always trendy. But you can do more styles with the help of a blow dryer. Here is how you can. 

Shag Haircuts That Look Great On Everyone, Know More On Them- Part 2

The Continuation 

Here are more shag styles explained. Along with that find out how to style using a blow dryer. 

Short With Side-Swept Bangs

With all the edginess of a short cut but with the comfort of longer layers, comes Anne Hathaway’s playful style. What makes this cut so cute is the contrast between side-swept bangs and a longer back. 

Loose Curls

Her shoulder-grazing version today looks just as adorable as Meg Ryan made the short wavy shag famous in the ‘90s. Turn your straight shag into a beachy one with a curling wand if your hair isn’t naturally wavy. 

Messy Mid-Length

Practically made to be worn messy is the beauty of a shag just as Alexa Chung did. As they blend in like one of the many layers, it is also a great option for anyone growing out their bangs. 

Long With Blunt Bangs

With thick, blunt bangs like Jennifer Hudson’s make a big statement keeping the rest long and layered thereby creating an updated pin-up look. 

Smooth And Casual

We recommend Courteney Cox’s simple mid-length cut when you want something truly versatile. It always looks amazing whether you have straight, wavy, or curled hair. 

Cute Layers

Kristen Bell’s shoulder-grazing lob looks great for any occasion, even while growing it out as it comes cute and easy to style. 

Glossy And Long

Working with any face shape is Gabrielle Union’s lovely layers adding a bit of shine with the spray as they catch the light and glow. 

Full And Curly

Similar to Kerry Washington’s for the next special event try a full curled look when you want to look like a true Hollywood starlet. 

Highlighted Waves

Ask your stylist for a wavy lob with lots of layers for hair like Chrissy Teigen’s while asking the colourist for a golden balayage bringing out the dimension of those layers. 

Choppy Layers

Simply take a bit of styling wax or molding clay and apply it to your ends to add edginess to a short choppy haircut like Kristen Wiig’s 

Short, Loose Layers

To get Emma stone’s controlled-chaos look, curl the front sections of the hair away from the face with a flat iron. It then helps the features to be the star of the show. 

Long Layers

Try Julia Robert’s flattering cut if you are growing the hair out. From casual to glamourous, it moves in seconds. 

Fluffy Waves

To get Scarlett Johansson’s easy-going bob to use the natural texture and all you need to do is wash, tousle, air dry, and go!

Smooth And Sleek

Combining short layers at her crown and longer ones closer to the face is Kirsten Stewart’s slicked down style and comes perfectly in case you want a little drama. 

Additionally, How to Blow Dry Your Hair at Home

Say Hello To Volume, And Goodbye To Frizz

First of all, save money as well as time on pricey salon visits:

You can DIY a salon-like blowout at home and score bouncy commercial-worthy hair fast whether it is to style with volume or without frizz having short or curly hair and more, here are a few key expert tips and tricks from professional hairstylists. This following discussion highlights the best-ever advice on how to blow-dry the hair like a salon pro. 

1. Get The Right Blow Dryer

A great blow dryer is the #1 essential for a great blowout. By evaluating new models across price points for factors like ease to use, drying speed, airflow force, weight, air and surface temperature, cord length, and noise emission scientists test blow dryers. Blowing away the competition for speed, ease of use, and stellar styling results, are the test-winning best hair dryers. Helping set your hairstyle, each has a cold shot button and a nozzle attachment used to concentrate the airflow. 

2. Start In The Shower With The Best Shampoo

Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner labeled volumizing before you blow-dry as the formulas tend to contain the lower level of conditioning ingredients less likely to weigh hair down as the style turns out bouncy and full. 

3. Apply Your Styling Product(S)

With your leave-in hair styling product or products of choice work it through the damp hair from roots to end using the fingers and thereby combing through the hair distributing the product evenly according to the celebrity hairstylist and founder of Harry Josh Pro Tools, Harry Josh. 

4. Section And Start Your Blowout

As Edward Tricomi hairstylist and founder of Warren Tricomi Salons suggests, start by clipping hair into four equal parts around the head and then blow-dry one at a time working in a circle additionally clipping the others to the side. Blast the roots while lifting the stands with fingers to boost the body, and Josh suggests using the blow-dryer’s nozzle attachment to concentrate the airflow down the shaft. 

5. It Helps To Bring In A Round Brush And Finishing Spray

Josh recommends wrapping a one-inch thick piece of hair around the round brush thereby running the nozzle down the hair shaft and brushing through pulling the strands taut. Until all the hair in the section is completely dry, continue and repeat with the remaining sections until the whole of the head is finished. 

All over your hair finish by misting a hair spray to set your style. Keep your blowout fresh with a top-rated dry shampoo in the following days after you wash. By absorbing oils in the hair, these works to extend the style. 

Finally, Style Your Hair However You Want

Styles are just not limited to haircuts. You can try out different styles just with the help of a blow dryer. Experiment and explore these styles. 

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