Prevent And Fix Brassy Hair, With Tips From Hair Colour Experts

Brassy hair is a problem faced by many. Here experts speak out the ways to fix them. Get more on these hacks. 

Prevent And Fix Brassy Hair, With Tips From Hair Colour Experts

Worried Over Getting Rid Of The Unwanted Orange Tones?

With a new dye job, you find that your hair has turned into a brassy colour rather than the gorgeous new shade you always wanted. When unwanted warm tones start to creep into the hair colour, it can be infuriating or begins to show up after a lightening or bleach job. When your colour starts to fade over time, the hair turns brassy a.k.a yellow or orange in tone. 

It is here that brassiness occurs often as the bleaching or lifting process during hair dyeing doesn’t get rid of the underlying pigment in the locks. 

The removal of the natural hair colour now allows brassiness to show itself as all hair has some degree of underlying warm tones meaning that warm tones start to become more evident in the hair colour. Gio Bargallo, celebrity hairstylist comes with the suggestion that brassiness crops up from things like oxidation from the sun, air exposure to minerals and harsh chemicals in the water while you shower. 

As celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright explains that brassiness comes to be usually found in the hair pigments especially the hair pigments that are darker like the ethnic hair of Latin, Asian, or Black textured hair. It typically pulls brassier tomes, when hair is darker meaning that brassiness comes to happen in dark hair getting dyed blonde although it happens in the highlighted hair or the hair that’s been lightened to some shades of brown. 

On consultation with celebrity hairstylists here are the reasons behind brassy hair and how to prevent the hair from taking on those yellow or orange undertones as you never have asked for. Here are the reasons to say goodbye to brassy hair and achieve the dream cool-toned shade from the best hair products to use to the everyday hair tips anyone can follow at home.  

1. Firstly, Call Your Stylist For A Toner Or Gloss

Here we explain the easiest fix: as Bargallo recommends, correcting brassy hair is done by coming back into the salon applying a gloss or toner to the hair. For the best results, hair toners can be applied by a professional colourist at the hair salon helping neutralise any unwanted brassy or warm tones including semi-permanent colour or glosses. Here it can make a huge difference as the simple fix has conditioning treatment  

2. Here It Helps To Shampoo With A Purple Formula Between Professional Colourings

Blue or purple shampoo is one of the most popular at-home products to eliminate brassiness when you can’t make it to the salon depositing a sheer violet tinged tint to help cancel any orange or yellow tone. To eliminate any brassiness, purple neutralises any yellow tones since purple is the opposite colour to yellow. 

While using the purple shampoo, it comes as easy as swapping the purple shampoo for the regular shampoo for a couple of weeks thereafter allowing it to let sit in the hair for three to five minutes before rinsing, as the in-between purple shampoos are sure to make you use the shampoo for colour treated hair preserving the colour too. 

3. Help Yourself By Washing Hair With Cool Water

Making a considerable difference in preserving the hair colour to fight brassiness is the temperature at which you are washing the hair. Rinsing hair with hot water is one of the most common reasons that hair colour fades that opens the outer cuticle allowing the colour to fade faster. 

As Bargallo states, lukewarm to cool is the best temperature to rinse the hair and recommends rinsing with cool water to close the hair cuticle, after applying shampoo and conditioner that can help preserve the hair colour and prevent fading. 

4. Try Spending Less Time At The Pool And The Beach

As Wright says when you first get your colour done, the pool and beach are a definite no no’s as they strip the colour off the hair taking it back to the brassy tone. Hence it is better to minimise the time at the pool and beach as much as possible. 

Bargallo further recommends using a hat or scarf to wrap the hair up instead of dunking or making sure to wash the hair properly and treating it after any swimming when you end up swimming in saltwater or chlorine pools. Hereby another tip from him is to run the hair under fresh, cool water before hopping into the pool or ocean as the hair is already saturated with fresh water as it absorbs less harsh chlorinated or seawater. 

5. Consider Getting A Shower Filter That Helps

The water containing chlorine and other minerals turning the hair brassy is found not only in the pool water but also in your shower water. 

Contributing to colour fading are minerals in the water as Bargallo says it can ultimately make the hair more prone to turning brassy overtime. An easy fix for this is luckily using a shower filter as it can sift out the hard chemicals wreaking havoc on the hair as it is better not to mention the skin and nails too. 

6. Shielding The Hair From Direct Sunlight

Another big brassiness culprit according to Bargallo is the UV rays from the sun as it fades colour and lightens hair in time bringing out all that brassiness. He further recommends protective hair spray products like Rita Hazan’sLock+Block Protective Spray to protect the hair from harsh rays during the summer helping block UV rays to prevent premature colour fading. 

The Conclusion 

While we wind up here, many other hacks are helping you have the gorgeous mane like no one else. For more stay tuned as we are sure to come with the latest in tips and trends. 

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