Importance of a Hair toner in your hair color service

Importance of a Hair toner in your hair color service

Are you planning a hair appointment to change your hair color? If so, make sure to get your hair toned also. You may ask what is the need for a hair tone after hair coloring. Let us learn more about what a hair toner is and why hair toning should be a crucial thing to do in your hair color appointments. In addition to this, we would also see how often you should use a hair toning service.

What is a hair toner?

It is a demi-permanent hair color used to change the state and pH level of the already applied hair color. Hair toners are used by hair colorists to warm up or cool down the exact shade of your hair color before you leave their salon. Apart from this, hair toners are also used to experiment with some specific colors on a non-color treated hair, without actually coloring it. Hair toners are non-permanent color and will fade eventually.  Toners, when available in a clear form, act more like a gloss for the hair. Some hair stylists prefer to apply a hair toner in the middle of two color treatments so that the hair color lasts longer and feels fresher.

Hot Tip:  If you want your hair toned at home, for a shinier look, rinse your hair with vinegar.

How to apply hair toner?

Toners generally come in either as a liquid or cream form. Some of them are ammonia-free products which your stylist will apply only after your hair color is washed out, shampooed and conditioned. Generally, the toner will stay on your hair for around 20 minutes before it is washed, shampooed, and conditioned.

Benefits of using a hair toner

Hair toners help balance your hair’s pH level, which is a measure of acidity in your hair. Toners ensure that after a hair color service, your hair’s pH is brought down to a standard, healthy level. Toners are not something which is used only after a hair coloring service, but they are also beneficial to bring balance to hair that has been disturbed by hot tools, environmental conditions, and other hair products.

Applying toner to your hair positively impact its color, and so hair toners can be mixed and used on your hair to achieve the exact shade you want. A professional hair colorist can customize your hair toner to suit your hair color, hair style, hair type, etc.

Is applying hair toners cost beneficial?

Some people might think of hair toning as an additional service which they don’t require, and it's just a waste of money. Before coming to this conclusion yourself, please discuss with your hair colorist the exact results you are trying to achieve on your hair. Since hair toning is an on-demand service, some people may decide to skip it so that they can skip the additional cost. But, remember that, to get the perfect hair color you are looking for hair toning might be necessary for most people.

As a hair colorist, always be open with your clients about the price of the service you provide. Clients know only about the results they want. So as a hair colorist, you must explain to your clients how to achieve the desired results. Or in other words, there might be some things you have to do to achieve those results and hair toning is part of that.

Bottom line: Before going for a hair toning service, make sure to have an open discussion with your hair colorist regarding which toner is used, how it works, its cost and benefits, why it is necessary for you and how often you will have to use a hair toning service for a perfect result.

To make things a bit more precise, you can think of toning your hair as a similar process to applying the top coat on your nail polish. Or in other words, hair toning seals the whole deal of hair coloring service, and so it is always better to get your hair toned after coloring your hair.

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