5 Foods You Must Include In Your Diet For Healthy And Nourished Hair: Here’s It For The Monsoon Hair Fall

In the monsoon season, hair care is definitely essential. What then are the best foods to take care of your hair? Here we highlight the best ones.

5 Foods You Must Include In Your Diet For Healthy And Nourished Hair: Here’s It For The Monsoon Hair Fall

Monsoon Hair Fall: 

Are you still struggling with hair fall? It would be a good idea to tweak your diet a bit as well while you can spend a fortune on expensive hair masks and oils. 

Hair Fall in Monsoon:

For your hair health, you are perhaps missing out on vital nutrients and minerals. 


Mostly when monsoons are in full swing, the humidity takes a toll on your hair. 

In this weather hair, fall is a common concern. 

There are some concerns that need to be addressed as much as we are enjoying the nip in the year. For our hair, the weather has not been particularly kind. If you dread combing your hair in the fear of losing some more of your precious locks, you are not alone as according to experts, humidity and hair fall go hand-in-hand. While you can spend a fortune on expensive hair masks as well as oils, it is also good to tweak the diet a bit as some people struggle with extra oily scalp and dandruff with hair issues galore. That contributes to healthy and nourished hair you are perhaps missing out on vital nutrients and minerals. 

For healthy, long, and nourished hair here are 5 foods you must include in your diet for this monsoon. 

  1. Methi Dana

An ancient remedy for hair loss is methi dana or fenugreek seeds. Helping treat hair damage and hair loss they contain good amounts of vitamin E. That has also been linked to hair fall as they also help combat oxidative stress. For the process, you can soak some methi dana in a tumbler thereby leaving it overnight and straining, and keep sipping into the drink as and when you get time to. 

  1. Eggs

Both of which are very crucial for healthy hair growth, eggs are a good source of protein and biotin. That helps boost hair growth and overall health of hair, biotin plays an important role in the production of keratin. 

  1. Jamun

Jamun or black plum is replete with a variety of antioxidants especially vitamin C as a monsoon staple in India. Important for collagen production is vitamin C. Strengthening your hair from the roots, collagen helps protect hair follicles. 

  1. Spinach

For various health benefitting properties, spinach is one of the most versatile vegetables you could add to your diet. Helping boost hair growth as well, the greens are enriched with iron, folate, and B vitamins. Linked to hair loss iron-deficiency may cause anaemia. 

  1. Fish

Happening to be a rich source of protein, vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids in fish especially of the fatty kind like salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids help increase hair density while vitamin A helps the production of sebum the natural oily substance that helps keep the scalp moisturised. Which helps stimulate hair follicles it also contains trace amounts of vitamin D. Therefore, you must load up on enough sunshine vitamin. 

How Is Food Effective? 

Food for your body is food for your hair. What then is important to be included in a healthy diet? Go for more proteins, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Better to go natural to counter hair fall whereas it is sure that people with a healthy diet do grow healthy hair. Hair should always be maintained as it determines the confidence level and the external appearance of the person. Be it, males or females, this is one factor that makes it possible for you to get a healthy mane. 

Make sure you practice moderation trying to include these foods in your diet. Not a sustainable strategy in excess of anything. Your diet should be well balanced. This is the most common remedy suggested by most doctors as it is always better to stick to nutritious food. Even if the hair fall is genetic healthy food can also make your hair fall better. There is no other option to growing your hair healthy and strong. 

Finally, whew we have charted out our routine include external methods like oiling and massaging to complement with your healthy food. As food supplies the micronutrients needed for healthy hair, there is no other option to growing the hair strong. So, it is certain that food along with topical treatments works better than over-the-counter chemical counterparts. 

The Final Thoughts On Hair Care Naturally 

Chemicals give the needed result, whereas they may prove to be less effective going forward. So, what then should you take care of when getting your hair care regime healthy and effective? It all depends on your health and the type and texture of your hair. Keep watching this space for more from the healthy hair world. We promise to bring you the best remedies for hair fall and hair care tips.

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